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Collaboration Jutsu: Susanoo
Name Collaboration Jutsu: Susanoo
Rank Unranked
Range All
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai & Sharingan
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Susanoo
User(s) Nobu Uchiha
Emi Uchiha

Collaboration Jutsu; Susanoo is a tecnnique invented by Nobu Uchiha and Emi Uchiha during their isolation that utilizes the half of the gene necessary for the original Susanoo technique that they both have and sort of puts it together, creating a Susanoo provided that their chakra outputs is relatively the same otherwise the Susanoo becomes unstable and disappears. When done correctly however, this Susanoo can equal some of the strongest Susanoos done by a single individual depending on how much of their chakra the two put into it and vastly more powerful if both participants are able to use Susanoo on their own,  even going as far as reaching Perfect Susanoo depending on the users.

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