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Cloud Release: Overhead Transportation Technique

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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Overhead Transportation Technique
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Overhead Transportation Technique
Rank B
Hand Seals Unknown
Range N/A
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
Parent jutsu Nature Icon CloudCloud Release: Cloud Covering
Derived jutsu None
User(s) Samuha

Cloud Release: Overhead Transportation Technique is a transportation technique of the Youki Clan which allows them to travel at high speed by transforming their bodies into a non-corporeal form and ascends into the sky where they use the clouds above to move from place to place at the speed of lightning.


When transforming themselves into a non-corporeal form, users start to glow a bright yellow until it surrounds them up to ten meters. In this form, the caster cannot be hurt by most forms of ninjutsu or weapons as there is no physical substance for them to hit and no one is sure what will hurt someone who is in this form however, the user likewise cannot cast most jutsu as their body is not physical, greatly limiting the number of jutsu they can use in that form. How long it takes for someone to transform depends on their level of skill but typically, it takes no more than ten seconds while the best transform within a second. Once in this form, the user launches themselves upwards into the sky and to the nearest cloud in the form of lightning,, causing anyone touching them to get third degree burns from the high speed where they cause momentary thunder in the cloud however, users cannot stay in a cloud for very long or their body becomes part of the cloud, potentially permanently. A maximum of thirty seconds can be spent in a cloud not moving before this accrues though it has been seen that while the process of merging with the cloud takes place, if the user has sufficient willpower and control over themselves, they can quickly move to the next cloud.

Each time they travel between clouds, it looks like a bolt of lightning has struck the other cloud. While this does not usually take up a lot of chakra, the distance between clouds determines how much chakra is used. This isn't a problem unless the clouds are a hundred or more meters apart then the chakra loss is much more noticeable but still not too bad until the gap is hundred of meters or more. Trying to reach the next cloud that is hundred or even thousands of meters away without a significant amount of chakra will mean that the user's non-corporeal body will start to destabilize once he or she starts to run out of chakra, causing it to lose not only it's shape but it's integrity and disperse, killing the user. It isn't known what happens to the soul but it is believed to be destroyed as well rather than pass onto the next life, leaving it unrecoverable even by someone with the Rinnegan. When a person using this technique comes down from the clouds, they descend as lightning with the same speed and effects of real lightning. Most users however require a few seconds to return to their corporeal form and only a rare few can return instantly upon touching down on the ground.

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