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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Lightning Storm
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Lightning Storm
Rank B
Range All
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
Parent jutsu Cloud Release: Cloud Covering
User(s) Samuha

Cloud Release: Lightning Storm or as it was originally called, Storm Cloud Release: Lightning Storm is a technique which creates a typical lightning storm except where and when the lightning hits can and usually is controlled by the caster. Because of this and the effects of the rain as well as the general fear of lightning storms, it has been called one of the most fearsome techniques to exist.


This technique was mainly created to cause enemies fear and to scatter as most people fear storms however, when that didn't work, the caster would resort to control of the lightning to injure, kill and frighten enemies into submission or to force them to flee. For a long time, it was believed to also use Lightning Release, causing the confusion that it was a Kekkei Tota technique however, information was eventually leaked and became common knowledge that it is in fact a Kekkei Genkai technique, lessening the fear of it but by no means removing the fear factor. It is understood that the lightning is created from the force of the water that wishes to fall to the ground but is being kept there by the mass of water and chakra, creating collisions within the cloud which cause friction that become thunder and lightning. The user controls this lightning because the cloud has their chakra from before the lightning's creation and as "natural" lightning, it is just as fast as the lightning from natural storms. At some point in time after this information was leaked, the technique was tweaked by a now forgotten member of the Youki Clan who expanded it to the point where users could also manipulate the cloud to create lightning and cause multiple lightning bolts to strike at once however, a majority of the clan has been unable to learn this advanced form because of the severe difficulty of it which causes it to be ranked A to S but those who have learned it are given a degree of fear and respect that enemies run at the sight of them and a shiver goes down the spine of those who hear their name.

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