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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Deluge
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Deluge
Other Name(s) Storm Cloud Release: Deluge
Rank B
Hand Seals Half seal
Range All
Type Offensive & Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
Parent jutsu Nature Icon CloudCloud Release: Cloud Covering
User(s) Samuha

Cloud Release: Deluge or Storm Cloud Release: Deluge as it was originally known is the first official technique created after Cloud Release: Cloud Covering and remains one of the most deadly if not annoying techniques to exist as it unleashes a harsh barrage of fast falling rain onto an area.


Cloud Release: Deluge was created as a means to hit enemies with a water based attack that cannot miss and to incapacitate them while dealing severe and often deadly damage to their bodies. The speed of which the deluge comes down however varies from user to user depending on their needs and their skill with this technique. Unleashing this technique also raises the humidity levels to great heights very quickly, rendering Fire Release techniques either useless or ineffective while increasing the potency of Lightning Release techniques and making it much easier for both Water Release users and Cloud Release users to battle. Of course, increasing the humidity levels will eventually cause a fog to be formed in the area, destroying visibility. Mostly however, increasing the humidity is to allow users of the Cloud Style to have more moisture to create larger and heavier clouds for a seemingly never ending weather barrage, a tactic few have ever beaten.

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