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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Cloud Covering
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Cloud Covering
Other Name(s) Storm Cloud Release: Cloud Covering
Rank C
Hand Seals Only the half seal is known
Range Long
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Gekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
Parent jutsu None
Derived jutsu Cloud Release: Deluge
Cloud Release: Lightning Storm
Cloud Release: Hail Storm
Cloud Release: Overhead Transportation Technique
Cloud Release: Acid Rain
User(s) Samuha

Cloud Release: Cloud Covering or Storm Cloud Release: Cloud Covering as it was originally known is a technique of the Youki Clan which creates clouds for them to manipulate or allows them to control existing clouds and is the most basic technique in their arsenal. Because of how basic it is, it is usually the first technique they learn and is the parent of nearly all other Cloud Release techniques.

Making CloudsEdit

Making clouds from one's chakra is relatively simple and the method varies depending on the person's degreee of skill as well as who taught them as there are a few different ways. The original method involves a long succession of hand seals as well as intense concentration to gather the water in the area and cause it to evaporate and condense in the sky to form one or more clouds however, this method has long been abandoned due to how vulnerable the user is when going through the long process. In the modern day, there are three main methods, each with their own level of difficulty. The first method uses a number of hand seals which combine water and wind style hand seals to evaporate the water around them, gather it in the sky and condense it into a cloud however, the level of speed for performing the hand seals required to be accepted as having mastered this method is so fast that only the Sharingan has been known to be capable of following it and as such, the hand seals are otherwise unknown to the majority of shinobi. This is intentional so that the method's users can overwhelm their enemies with the sheer speed of which they perform hand signs and to keep the hand seals hidden as well as not give enemies time to prevent the hand seals from being formed. It is the slowest of the three but with enough skill, it can be preformed with speed few techniques can rival. 

The second method is considerable more difficult and typically those who master the first method go on to learn this one as an intermediate level method. This method uses only the half seal but generally only manipulates the moister in the atmosphere to create clouds and is considered a much faster method because of that however, it is more difficult because the moisture being manipulated is so far away opposed to the close moisture all around us. For beginners, this is not only difficult but quite slow as well, generally more so than the first method however, once the practitioners get it down, it may seem near instantaneous or at the least take half the time of the first method. The third method is an extremely difficult one which few have ever masters and a rare few have been born able to do with ease. Without hand seals, the user creates a connection between their chakra and nature energy that is so strong, it is as if they are one and the shinobi is one with nature. This is considered a type of sage form known only to outsiders through rumors as Weather Sage Mode however, it is connected only to the nature energy of wind and water, not the rest of nature which makes it a great deal different than most known styles of Sage Mode and as the user doesn't actually take in natural energy, it is questioned whether or not it is actually a form of Sage Mode. One such user of this advanced method is a character from the filler episodes 113 to 115, the young boy known as Yota whose connection is not only with his chakra but with his emotions as well, causing not just clouds to appear but many forms of whether and is recognized by the Youki Clan as one of the most gifted of their clan.

Controlling Natural CloudsEdit

Controlling natural clouds is considered much more difficult than creating your own as you must be able to send your chakra to them, compensating for their drift while working on completely filling it with your Water Release chakra. When successful however, the user can expand or shrink a cloud as they see fit, even using their Water Release chakra to darken the cloud without gathering water from the surrounding area however, they are unable to move it until they have also added their Wind Release chakra to the cloud in which in the modern day, is always done at the beginning. When controlling natural clouds, the Youki clan don't generally allow the clouds to release all of their water as they are reluctant to lose the cloud even though they can create a new one. This is because it is generally faster to take control of existing clouds but also because it costs less chakra since it costs chakra to take control of the moisture in the air around a person and more so to cause it to evaporate.

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