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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Alaskan Blizzard
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Alaskan Blizzard
Rank A
Hand Seals Serpant, Rat, Hare, Ox, Ram, Boar, Tiger, Horse, Bird and Dragon
Incantation None
Range ALL
Type Offensive & Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
Parent jutsu Nature Icon CloudCloud Release: Cloud Covering
Derived jutsu Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Hail Storm
User(s) Samuha


Unlike the other weather techniques, the user must use their chakra to cool down the enviornment by releasing chakra into the air with the rat hand seal, changing air particles to water particles in order to cool it down enough that they freeze.

Once this has been done, the water can be released as snow and the user can then use the bird handsign to release your chakra into the air, controlling the air current and thus allowing you to blow it to wherever you want, creating a blizzard.


The blizzard is good freezing enemies, trapping them in a winter blanket and slowing them down, being most effective against large groups of enemies.

One use is for freezing enemies, this can slow them down or force them to stop and attempt to get warm or stay warm, buying you time however, it also is possible for it to freeze the person to death.

Another use is simply to use the low visibility to attack the enemy in a surprise attack much like the Hidden Mist Technique, not being hindered by the low visibility yourself.

A third use is to simply use the piled snow to slow down enemy movements, giving you better odds at landing deadly or critical blows.

The fourth way out of probably a million is simply use chakra to turn snow into ice as traps or detours for direction control.

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