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Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Acid Rain
Name Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release: Acid Rain
Kanji 魔族雨
Literal English Demonic Rain
Rank A
Range All
Type Offensive & Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Cloud Cloud Release
User(s) Samuha


Once there is a grey cloud, the user releases the water particles with the ox hand seal then transforms it into acid with the boar hand seal. These acid rain drops look exactly like normal rain, decieving victims into believing it is harmless or not as bad as it could be, making it a great weapon for assassination.


A novice using this jutsu has a normal acid rain that melts whatever it touches, making it harmful to both friend and foe however, those with more experience can modify it to melt only specific things such as living creatures, Humans, Shinobi animals etc. Masters have been known to modify it to a point where only those with a certain type of DNA or chakra will be effected. 


Since storm clouds can cover miles of the planet at once, it is a perfect jutsu for large scale battles and the clouds can be moved at will, allowing for fleeing enemies to be hit or attack enemies out of it's range.

Because of how specific the acid rain can be in what it melts, users can advoid friendly fire while taking out as many enemies as possible at onc.

Unlike normal rain, the user can can dictate how fast it comes down with how much chakra they put into it, allowing it to go from a light rain to a deluge.

Other InfoEdit

Because of the serious danger in learning and applying this technique, it has been labeled a kinjutsu, practiced by only a select few in Samuha's clan and they are viewed with suspicion.

The circle who practices it are usually forbidden to use it out of training until they become masters as to prevent accidentally killing comrades or worst, violating this results in having the knowledge of how it works purged from your mind and then banished.

Nothing else is known.

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