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Tobirama Senju

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Cloud Release
Nature Icon Cloud
Name Cloud Release
Kanji 雲遁
Rōmaji Unton
Literal English Cloud Style
Other Name(s) Storm Cloud Release
Clan Youki Clan


Cloud Release  is a Kekkei Genkai of the Youki Clan which combines the elements of water and wind together to not only create but control clouds, also earning it the name Storm Cloud ReleaseStorm Cloud Release is the original name that it was given by the founder who first created this style of ninjutsu however, that name was abandoned as the ninjutsu style isn't limited to creating storms and the name Cloud Release became popular among outsiders in place of the original name so the Youki Clan adopted the name. The primary function of this style however has always been to unleash powerful attacks from above which blanket a large area, making it difficult if not impossible to dodge, making extremely useful in large scale battles and against enemies such as the Uchiha who are talented at dodging however, it is also used for traveling, intimidation, surveillance and often just because most of the Youki clan don't like to see an empty sky. This god like power ranked the Youki clan as the most powerful clan for a majority of the history of ninjutsu as battlefield controllers however, this thunder was eventually taken by the Uchiha and Senju clans. This fall for both Cloud Release and the Youki clan also caused the clan to become more strict, punishing anyone who could not meet their standards to have their Cloud Release sealed and followed by banishment as well as disownment from the clan, causing the number of people who can use it to dwindle down to a few hundred in the modern day. The descendants of these banished are typically born with both Water Release and Wind Release however, only one in every ten inherit the sealed kekkei genkai.


Clan TechniquesEdit

Kinjutsu TechniquesEdit

The below Kinjutsu techniques are forbidden by the Youki clan to ever be used, the secret to using them along with their existence has been hidden for generations and the scrolls that contain their secrets clearly mark them as kinjutsu. In order to use these techniques, users must get the permission of Boredfan1.



I must thank OmegaDragonite for the picture as well as the translation for both Kanji and romaji as I doubt I would ever be able to translate either of them myself or find a picture lol.

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