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Clone Release Imitation Technique
Name Clone Release Imitation Technique
Rank A
Hand Seals Half Seal
Range N/A
Type Supplemental
Classification Space-Time Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin releaseYin Release
Parent jutsu Yin-Yang Summoning Technique
Derived jutsu N/A
Creator N/A
User(s) Kazuki Gōka
Yutaka Gōka
Kumiko Kurosawa


Based off of the Flying Thunder God, the caster creates a visible seal that is the japanese character for return by channeling chakra through their body, typically the hands then, when the shinobi would be killed or gravely injured by an incoming attack, he or she disappears in a puff of smoke like Shadow Clones and appear at a seal they set without injury. These seals however initially only have one use each which can be increased to infinite use like the Flying Thunder God seals. When multiple seals are set, the caster will appear at the closest unless they have set a different location to be where they appear, something only an adept user can do. Adept users can also teleport to one of these seals they set by using the half seal which also causes them to disappear in a puff of smoke like a clone. Finally, advanced users of this jutsu can also create a double, even triple seal in the form of an extra circle at a location meaning that when teleported to, the outermost seal ring will disappear, allowing for uses up to the number of rings that are left however, most adept users are unable to go past two due to the high difficulty of keeping the original seal intact and functioning while creating the additional seal(s) with four being unheard of.

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