Kurai Gōka walked along heading toward Kirigakure, it's been officially 8 days since he ate and it hardly bothered him. He heard a small explosion and walked toward it.  Kurai saw a blue-haired young man, using the tiger seal and chanting silently, despite the area being completely desserted. Kurai walked to the side and stared at the boy with a crazed expression. " What is the technique called " , Kurai spoke coldy.

" None of your buisness you.....Freak " , He looked up and smirked. Kurai shifted to his left foot and snarled violently. He was going to attack him and with brutality, no one calls me a freak. Kurai moved his hands in a quick motion and screamed out , " Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu " , A large ball of fire, flew out and struck the entire cave,.

Oni jumped back and growled, " What is wrong with you " , Oni threw a shuriken and shot out 10 more.

Kurai dodged the first and allowed the rest to attack him, Kurai turned into wood and than moved quickly his specialty, speed and intelligence. He shot forward with a outstretched fist and caught Oni in the jaw, the young man was caught off guard. Oni stuck a paper bomb onto Kurai, who disappeared again and this time, brought out a sword. Kurai sensed a hint of anger inside this being and would use it to his advantage.

Kurai felt hot heat and a fire ball jutsu engulfed him, he yelled in pain and hit the ground. A child's voice spoke to him, Let me deal with him and than you'll feel bett--, NO!!!. Kurai got up and put his hands into the Dragon Seal, In a dark voice he roared, " Demons' Vampire Technique  " ,  A black energy ball surrounded him and than a large explosion surrounded the entire area, wiping out anything soft. Kurai felt the power wave and grimaced.

Oni screamed as it hit him and his body was burning, Kurai's demon was secretly taking over him and he didn't notice because of his evilness,  It expanded and destroyed more land and homes, the ANBU of the Mist were sure to come, but who could stop, Kurai. In a child's voice he said, ' I told you not to call me a freak, AHHHHHH " , Kurai was losing control and felt the monster controlling him, Get out you beast, He screamed and soon felt normal, despite his many scars. Kurai looked over and saw a highly damaged, boy. His technique was far to effective. Kurai walked away limping.

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