"Not even fate knows their future.."

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Joshin a Kumogakure ninja was on his way to Kirigakure to return a mission they had just assigned him. "Man, that was a too easy mission, they should of gave me someone else to fight tougher to fight."

Akemi walks out of the forest on side of a dirt road that Joshin is walking on. She looks around to see if she can find her way back to Kirigakure. She was practicing her sword skills on deer or aany other animal she could find. when she turns to her left and sees a girl walking down the path. She steps on to the dirt road and yells "Hello!" to try to get her attention.

"Huh?" Joshin looks at the person calling him and stops to say, "Yeah, what do you want?"

Akemi runs up to the girl to get close enough to see her face. She relizes the this girl was a boy but keeps her cool. "Ya if you wouldnt mind, could you show me the way to Kirigakure?" Akemi said tilting her head but still keeping aware because he could try to do anything at any time.

"Its this way." He looks at her head band and sees that she is from Kirigakure and asks, "You know your from kiri, so how in the hell don't you know where you own village is?" He then says to himself, "This girl must be dumb."

"Hmm." She then stratens her head. "Oh, well ive been out here for about a week. Didnt bring a map or anything just pure instinct. And if your heading the same way I quess I could tag along, If you dont mind."

"Umm, yeah I don't mind." Then he says to himself again. "I have been away from my village for months at a time without a map and I still know which way to go. She must have no brains at all." The two then walk along the path to Kiri.

About 30 min. ito the walk Akemi asks "So whats your name." turning her head to him.

"Joshin, I'm from Kumogakure, and whats your name?"

"Akemi, I'm from Kiri as you can tell, and I'm also from the Cursed Clan." she said turning her head forward.

"The.......Cursed Clan?" Joshin says in a confused manner. He then thinks about all the clans he has heard of, "Hmmm, let me see, Rekai Clan, Youki Clan, Uchiha Clan, Senju Clan, Hoshima Clan, and all those other powerful clans. Nope haven't heard of them."

"Well, Ill tell you. The cursed clan is a clan that uses the curse mark, the one that people misconception that Oruchimaru created it, but he didnt, the 7 cursed sages did. Its a clan that only a few people are part of it because there chakra can use it." She looks at him for a response.

"Oh really? Well I wasn't born into any spectacular clan, I worked to get my skill, most clans have this special Hiden or Kekkei Genkai or other very powerful skill. Well I do have a Kekkei Genkai, but I didn't know how to use it."

"Hmm, I havnt accually got my Kekkei Gankai yet. Im not sure how to get it ether." She stops walking. "Maybe we can activate them through a battle." She asked him.

"Umm, I don't think that would be a good idea, with my kekkei genkai and skill, it may be over in minutes, maybe even in seconds."

Akemi laughs aoutloud. "You see the only reason why I asked you deriections is because I wanted to battle someone, I might of came of stupid but I'm always aware of my surondings. So lets battle."

"(sigh), Ok if you want, but I'm not going to go easy on you." Joshin says ad he gets into this stance and puts his hand on the handle of his sword ready for an attack.

Akemi grabs her two swords ready to attack at any moment. "Ill let you go first." She says as she gets serious. "Oh, and I wont go easy to."

"(sigh) Ok, but I will advise you, don't try and block me." Joshin then throws a string of shuriken towards Akemi.

Akemi withdraws both of her swords and block all the shuriken and doges the last one. "Is that all you got, you said you werent going to hold back." Akemi runs to Joshin and clashes her swords with his. She then plunges her sword witch cuts his shirt. She then steps back making sure she dosent getting hit by him.

"Well looks like I won." Joshin says as he puts his sword on his back.

Akemi stays silent for a second. "What do you mean?" She asked still in her battle stance.

Joshin pulls out a shuriken and throws it at Akemi, of course she tries to dodge it, but the as she dodges the shuriken follows her and comes from inches to killing her when the shuriken stops. "I have the Magnet Release Kekkei Genkai. I gave you a hint not to block any of my attacks but you failed to realize so, but it seems like your a good swordsmen, and I like to fight good swordsmen. So lets continue."

Akemi look right at Joshin. "You shouldnt of showed me that, I might a have technique that could block all the surikens. So I guess I should show you." Akemi swips her right sword upward and uses Wind Release: Air Beast Technique (Na'Jorne) without using any handsigns. A gust uf wind flts to Joshin, He trys to block with his sword but still gets knocked back. "You see, that technique was called Air beast technique. No handsigns need to be used so I could use it at any time I need." Akemi laughs a bit. "If I were to go full power that wind could of cut right through your sword and your body." Akemi says while smileling.

"Umm it wouldn't matter if it cut through my sword, why it wouldn't matter, you will see of I have to use it." Then Joshin uses Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves and multiple waves of wind come barreling towards Akemi.

Akemi uses her Air beast technique to counter attack. Due to all the wind a huge dust cloud is in beteew Akemi and Joshin. She rushes through the cloud and as she comes out she kicks Joshin in the stomach makeing him take a few steps back.

Joshin moves to the side of her kick and then comes slashing down on her sword as she flies past him with the missed kick.

Akemi counters Joshins sword with both of hers and stands back up. She then runs to him and plunges both her swords.

Joshin does a windmill maneuver with his sword and makes her arms go up, as soon as that happens, he does a spin kick to her gut. She couldn't block with her arms because the momentum of the windmill maneuver kept her arms going up.

She was hit by the kick which sends her flying, but while up in the air Akemi used a barage of 5 Air beast technique at Joshin. 2 of those hit joshin.

As he turned back around from the spin kick, he blocks the Air Beast Technique with his sword. Then he jumps in the air above Akemi while she was in the air and comes slashing down on her with his sword.

When the swords hit Akemi she disaperes in a cloud. It was a shadow clone. Akemi comes up behind Joshin and puts her right sword againts his throat and her left sword right up on his back. "Looks like I win." Akemi said with a smile.

Joshin then slams his hand into the ground as if he were frustrated "I guess your...." and uses Lightning Release: Lightning Uprooting Technique the lightning then travels under ground right from under Akemi without her knowing, she could see it when it comes up, but she couldn't go for the kill because the lighting would shock her and disable her before she slices him.

Akemi jumps away just before the Lightning could hit her. She does a backflip and lands on her feet. She gets up and looks at Joshin and ask him "You want to go on a date with me?" she tilts her head.

"Uhhh, what??" Joshin says with a glum look on his face

"Ya!" she shouts. "All I wanted to know if you were strong and I did." She straitens her head. "So where do you want to go?" She asked.

"Wait what!!!!!, I didn't even agree yet."

Akemi puts her swords away and grabs Joshin by the hand and starts to drag him with ease. "I know the perfect place we can go eat." She said as she looked at him.

"Ok, I will go on a date with you, but that doesn't mean that we will be together after this, I have to get back to my village, so I will only go out with you for a few hours."

--Time Skip--

Akemi and Joshin are at the great dinner Shotuong. "So how long have you trained for a ninja?" Akemi asked looking beautiful.

"Since I was about 6." Joshin says as he takes a bite of his food. "So, what is your intention with me?"

Akemi laughs a bit. "You will find out soon. But you can wait." Akemi smiles at Joshin.

"Umm, ok, so tell me a little about you, if that's ok with you." Joshin says folding his arms on the table to listen.

Akemi has a face of confusion. "Really?" Akemi asked. Before Joshin could get a word in she starts to talk. "Well ive been training on my own for quite a while, to tell you the truth i'm not really part of the village. I'm suppose to find one of the 7 cursed sages." Akemi looks down at her food and starts to play with it. "Like ive said i'm part of the cursed clan, and people fear me because if I get to a point of mad then my curse mark will activate." she said while showing her cursed mark. "So when I saw you I wanted to see if I could tag along, I even have a card saying that I can leave the village at any time to try and find a cursed sage." She looks back up at him. "So, can I tag along?" She asked.

"Umm I don't know, I'm apart of a village, I have to go back home, I'm not really sure if you can come with me."

Akemi laughs in a didappointment. "I see, but the village dosnt want me." she says in a saden voice. "Well you have wind release correct, maybe you can teach me some techniques and I can show you how to use your sword for wind release, meaning no hand signs!" she says in a more cheerful tone.

"Umm, well I know quite a bit already, and I don't....." Then a carrier pigeon comes in and gives him a message, it says from his sensei, "Joshin, the Raikage has given you some time off, if you are done with this mission then send in a report through the pigeon.....Tetsu out."

Joshin sends a message back and says, "Well, looks like I can stay as long as I want for about 3 weeks to a month though."

"Really!" she says jumping out of her chair. "Well were done eating so we should get out of here." She applyed. They both walk out of the restrant and they walk to Akemis house. "So, you can crash here if you want." she said while unlocking the door and inviting him in.

"Huh this is a nice place you got here, but I can go stay at the hotel, because I don't think it would be right for a boy to stay with a girl, well I mean because we are not married or in a relationship."

"Oh come on now." She looks at him with an annoyed look. "Come in here." she says while draging him in. "Ok you can rest over there, ok."

"Umm, ok, Akemi, are you trying to do what I think you are doing?"

"What?" she asked while taking her shirt and pants off. "Were only going to sleep." she said getting in the bed and turning the light off. "Good night!" Akemi said cheerfully. She than thought "He has to work fo it."

"Umm, so do I sleep in another room?"

Akemi sighs, "Dont you see that this bed can hold two?" She turned on the light. "Now come and get in bed and turn the light off before you go to sleep" She lays her head down and falls into an instant slumber.

"But its awkward, we aren't in a relationship, I won't feel right. (sigh)" Joshin takes his kimono off and his pants. He then gets into the bed very slowly and just about hanged off the bed because he felt so awkward.

Akemi opens her eyes. "Arent you going to turn the light off" She sighs.

"Oh sorry." He sits up and leans over to turn off the light.

"Thank you" She says while falling back to sleep.


--Time Skip--

Joshin wakes up and goes into the restroom to go and take a shower.

Akemi calls Joshin from the kitchen "Breakfeast is done!"

"I am in the shower." Then he says to himself, "She is cooking me breakfast too, I could get used to this, as a matter of fact I like her."

"Well hury up!" she shouts. "I made a good sized meal, for the long day ahead." she explained.

"Ok I am coming!!" He puts on a his boxers and a towel and walks out shirtless to the table.

"Are you kidding me!" Akemi yells. "You think you can come out here with no shirt, I housed you, gave you a bed, and made YOU a meal." She says with a fire in her eye.

"Look, first off you undressed in front of me, then I had to sleep in the bed with you, I felt very uncomfortable. Besides you know you like this body."

"Bullshit!" she yelled again. "I know you had a bit of something last night, If you know what I mean." she starts to eat.

"Maybe I did, but you did in the beginning and don't deny it." Joshin says as he takes a bite of the food.

"Ok." she said as she finishes her plate. "So what, we both are people, its normal ok." she explained. "I'm going to get my training gear on, hurry up and eat." she said.

"Ok, I will get ready." Joshin takes his last bite and throws the plate in the sink, then he gets dressed and waits for Akemi.

Akemi opes the door from the outside and ask Joshin "Are you coming or what, I know the best place to train." Akemi than dashes off into the woods.

Joshin follows her almost leaving his sword.

--Time Skip--

Deep into the forest Akemi stops and looks back at Joshin. "What do you think?" she asked him with a big smile.

"Yeah I guess its ok, so what do you want to learn."

Akemi smiles at Joshin. "How about that Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves?" She asks.

"Well first you have to learn Wind Release: Vacuum Wave, weave these hand signs: Rat → Snake → Horse → Dog. Then take a deep breath and spins while exhaling, compressing the released air into a solitary blade of wind that covers a substantial area around you."

Akemi makes the hand signs  Rat → Snake → Horse → Dog and takes a huge breath of air. She than spins around and exhales she almost got it but she loses her balance and falls down. "What did I do wrong?" she looked as joshin.

"Nothing actually, here let me show you." He takes a deep breath, then exhales while spinning, the blades of wind cut down multiple trees. "Like that ok now you try."

"I can do this." she said to herself. She takes as much air as she can and starts to exhale and spin. She uses so much chakra that it destroyed the land around her. After she had done the technique she falls to the ground panting.

"Good now, do you want to take a break, looks like your tired."

"Umm" She said in a faint voice. She then starts to scream in pain as she grapsp the side of her neck.

Turn AroundEdit

"Umm, Akemi are you ok?" Joshin thinks to what she told him earlier, so not taking any chances he pulls out his sword just in case she attacks.

"I cant hold it in." Akemi said in a shriek. Red blazing dashes covered her body. Once they are all done spreading out they calm down to a deep black. Akemi stoped sying anything. She then throws an uppercut from the ground and hits Joshin. She has lost complete control.

Joshin was hit and sent flying he recovers and wipes the blood from his mouth and says, "It looks like I can't hold back like I did." He then takes out a scroll and releases 7 swords and holds his in his hand. The swords then float around him using his Magnet Release: 7 Titanium Sword Control Technique. "Ok, Akemi, I'm going to snap you out of it ok." He then charges at Akemi and has one of his swords come and try to stab her from the side.

Akemi grabs both her swords and knocks most of Joshins swords out. She trys to dodge the sword coming from the side but coudnt move as quick, she gets a medium sized cut across her body. When she relized what he had done she got even more angry.

She rushes Joshin swing her blades around. She than headbutts Joshin and going in to stab Joshin in the heart.

Then a sword comes in to block the attack to the heart, then 2 other sword come in 1 blocks her other sword and the other comes in to only try and knock her out.

After the hit by the sword she was knocked out. Her dark deep dashes grew back into the firely red color. It then retreats back to her neck where the curse mark was first in place.

Joshin keeps the swords around him just in case he goes up to her and shakes her saying, "Hey Akemi, are you ok, Akemi?"

Akemi starts to open her eyes. "Umm" she muttered. "I'm.....sorry." she said in a very weak voice. "I dont....know what happen." Akemi said stuttering. She than gets the energy to grab Joshins face, she pulls it down to her face. She starts to kiss him passionately. She stops and there foreheads touch. "Thank you" She said while going back to sleep.

"Umm, yeah, no problem." He then kisses her in her forehead, picks her up and takes her to her house.

--Time Skip--

At her house, Joshin lays her on her bed and goes to get some bandages to bandage her wound.

She woke up as he layed her on the bed. "Thank you." was all she could say before passing out once again.

Joshin lays in the bed and just goes to sleep.

Akemi wakes up early in the moring and gets out of bed. She looks at Joshin. She sighs. "Damn, I went a little bit overboard."

Joshin still sleeping rolls over to get in a better position.

Akemi starts to make breakfast for the two of them. She thinks to her self "Wow, he is still around even after I went berzerk on him. I need to master this mark and quick."

Joshin wakes up and instead of going to the bathroom, he goes straight to the table to eat. "You know, you cook very well."

Akemi smiles. "Why, thank you." she says cheerfully. "So I think we should train today but try and put a cap on it." she pauses. "I want to try and master the curse mark." she said rapidly.

"Yes we do, and we need to talk about that kiss that you gave to me. So where do we stand?"

Akemi had a face of confusion "What kiss?" she asked truthfully

"You don't remember the kiss you gave me after you went bezerk and I knocked you out?"

Akemi Tried to remember that moment. She did. She blushed and said "I guess I remember" She paused and looked at Joshin. "Its just that I might." she paused. She looked nervous and told Joshin "We should get going to the training ground." She got up, put the dishes away and went out the door and ran to the area in the woods they went last time.

"Hey wait." Joshin says as he puts his dish in the sink, grabs his sword and chases after Akemi.

--Time Skip--

"Umm, Akemi, was there something you wanted to tell me back there?"

Akemi looks at Joshin in a surprized look. "What, umm no dont worry about that." she said unconfterbly. She asked Joshin "So how did I make the curse mark activte, after that you will have to make me get controll without knocking me out. Maybe tire me out, but if I almost hurt you knock me out if needed ok." she said in a very serious tone of voice.

"Ok." Joshin then takes out his sword and thinks to himself, "She is trying to avoid us conversing about that kiss, well no worries, I will make my move today."

Akemi meditates to summon up the power, she than falls to the ground. "Get ready!" She yelled. The dashes spread across her body once agian. she get up from the ground and rushes Joshin full force. She has once again lost her mind. She punches Joshin right in the middle of the face.

Joshin dodges the punch and goes for a knee to the gut using her own momentum against her.

Akemi grabs the knee and flips over Joshin while holding it. With the momentum she threw him to a tree.

He recovers and lands on the tree's trunk, the he uses the leverage and flies towards her, he throws a barrage of shuriken, then uses Wind Release: Pressure Damage.

Akemi took all the hits stright on making a huge cloud of smoke. She comes dashing out with her two swords slashing at Joshin. She then follows up on a kick to his head.

He blocks the swords, then as she goes for the kick, he falls flat on his back and then springs off the ground. While she flies over, he kicks her in her back.

While in the air Akemi uses a barage of Wind Release: Air Beast Technique (Na'Jorne) witch causes devestating damage to the terrain around them.

Joshin dodges and almost gets hit by one, he is sent flying through a tree. "Oww." He says as he gets up. "Time for me to set up that technique." Joshin then places a rod down unknown to Akemi.

Akemi uses Shadow Clone Technique to make 5 clones. They all surround Joshin and use a barage Air Beast Technique from all the clones.

Joshin goes prone and the Air barrages hit each other, since the wind hit at the same force the cause a after blast that is directed towards Akemi and her clones which sends them flying. Joshin uses this opportunity to place down another 2 rods.

Akemi summons another 10 clones witch all rush him with there swords, ready to kill at any moment.

"Time to turn it up." Joshin pulls out a scroll and out come 7 swords. The swords then block the attacks and Joshin makes the swords spring out like a flower, Joshin spins and cuts through the clones. He places a rod down.

Akemi gets even more angry for not being able to do any damage. She then rushes Joshin able to get passed the sword just by a little bit and was able to get a punch off of Joshin.

Joshin was hit and sent flying, but unknown to Akemi, he wanted her to do that so he could execute his jutsu, he places a fifth rod down and gets up. "This is one of my strongest techniques." The rods he set down the float out the ground with lightning coming from them. Then he says, "This should disable you, Lightning Release: Ring of Lightning." The lighting from the rods then come to Akemi at the speed of lightning, but Joshin held back with it so it wouldn't kill her, just disable her.

Akemi screams in pain due to the lightning. She struggles to get out and survive but couldnt. She than relized what she had bee doing. Hurting the one she might love. He is still around after all I have done to him. A tear rolls down her cheek. She shouts "Stop! I think I gained controll!"

He stops and rushes over to her, but still not taking any chances he keeps the rods up, "Are you ok now Akemi, have you gained control?"

She is on the gorund weak and tired. "I.." as she gasped for air. "I think so." she said in a very weak voice. The curse mark draws back into the spot where it normally is. She gets up andfalls onto Joshin saying "I love..." not being able to complete her sentence.

"Here take this, its something one of my teammates gave to me for emergencies, its a food pill and its actually not that bad." He gives it to here and tells her to say what she wanted to say.

Akemi was barley able to stand up so she kept laying on Joshin. "I" she paused thinking how it could affect them for there new found friendship. But she decides to say it anyways. "I love you" she whispered

"Hmmm, I guess I'm falling in love with you too Akemi." Joshin says as he kisses Akemi on the lips, he then carries her back to her house. When they get their they go straight to the bed and sleep together.

--Time Skip--

Akemi wakes up with her arms wraped around Joshin. She thinks "Still cant even think that he would be here even after all they went through." She gets out of bed and takes a shower. When she gets out she makes a small breakfast but it would fill anyone up.

Joshin gets up and takes a shower as well, then when he gets out, he walks over to Akemi who was cooking breakfast. He gets behind her and puts his hands on her waist, leans over and starts kissing her in the neck. Then there is knocking on the door, and Joshin goes to answer it.

"(knock) (Knock), (knock) (knock), (knock) (knock)" "I'm coming" Joshin says, as soon as he answers the door 2 very familiar voices say, "Joshin, there you are." Joshin closes the door but not before one of his friends sticks their foot in the door, they then have a push war on the door. "Raiden, Aiko.......uhh how did you find me?" Joshin says very nervously. Aiko replies "Umm, sensei told us where you were so we came, now come on let us in before I tear this door down." Then Raiden says, "Yeah man, we are friends, this doesn't look like a hotel, so who is in their with you?" "Nobody!!" Joshin replies.

Then the 2 friends break through the door and fall on Joshin.

Akemi stands there getting angry due to the fact that they broke her door. She grabs her sword from the table and puts it to Raidens neck and shouts "Who the hell do you think you breaking my door!" She gets furious but looks at Joshin to see if he was to be trusted or not.

They all stand up, Raiden and Aiko smiles while Joshin looks down, ashamed with his hand on his face. "Akemi, these are my two dumbass, annoying, the people I hate but have the closest bond with and I just about love them and treat them as my brother and sister, (huff), Raiden, and Aiko." they look at Akemi and say "Hi" Then Joshin screams, "I don't understand why I have to say all that dumb shit, it is stupid and I don't like saying it!!!!" Raiden then says, "Well you made the bet back then that I would get a kiss from Aiko before you did." The Aiko knocks Raiden over the head, "You don't have to make it public."

Akemi had a small face of shock. "A kiss." she replied looking at Joshin. "Well." she paused giving a smirk. "I bet it was good." she said laughing while putting her sword away. "Tell me." she said while looking at Aiko and Raiden. "Why did you break down my door? Oh and who is going to pay for it." she looks at Raiden in particular.

"Well, Joshin you can pay for it since he slammed the door on us." Raiden says. "So are you Joshin's girlfriend?" Aiko asks. "Why are you all in my business?" Joshin asks. "Well because your like a brother to us, we need to be in your business, now is this your girlfriend?" Raiden says.

Akemi looks at Raiden. "What if I am." She grows a big smirk. "Jelous?" She asked laughing. "Well it looks like im going to make breakfast for two more." she sighed. "And after we eat Joshin we need to train more so I can learn how to control this thing."

She make more food for Joshins friends. They all sit down at the table and eat the great food Akemi made.

"This is good, umm, Akemi yeah." Raiden says. "You all, this is my girlfriend and she needs help with something, so are you all willing to help?" Not Listening to anything Joshin said Raiden says, "Huh, what you say?" Joshin plants his face on the table in embarrassment. "Just kidding, yeah we will." Raiden says. "Yeah your our brother well not blood but you feel like one so we will help." Aiko says.

Akemi stays quiet for a second. "Umm, three against one." she said nervously. "I would have to summon all the power to kept up with all of you." she had a face of worry. "I may lose it completly without holding back. Without being to holdback" she said.

"Ehhh, your right, so you pick one of us to fight."

She thinks for a second. She than ask all of them "Well" she paused "It depends on who is the strongest?"

"That would be me." Joshin says, "but Raiden here is just as strong, he will give you a workout."

Akemi looked a little weired. "Well, I would still perfer to battle with you Joshin." She than thinks. "How about all you guys just take turns." she said laughing. "Like a tag team." she explained.

"Umm, how about you just fight Raiden by himself, because a tag team is too overwhelming."

She gets up. "Ok" she puts the dishes away. "Lets go!" she runs out the door and starts heading to the training spot in the forest.

--Time Skip--

They get to the spot and Joshin says, "Raiden she is all yours." Raiden leaps onto the fields and says "Ok, Ms. Joshin lets see what you got."

Akemi laughs a bit. "I'm not Ms. Joshin yet." she said. She get into foucas trying to unleash her full power. Her curse mark than begens to spread across her body and she loses some of her mind but can still reason.

"Ok, why didn't you tell us she had a power boost Joshin, now I have to use more chakra." Raiden complains

Akemi lets a dark laugh. She looks at Raiden with feirce fire in her eyes. She speaks for the first time being in a curse mode. "I will destroy you!" she yells as running towards Raiden. When she get up close she kicks him in the back.

She is blown back by a force of wind before she gets to him. Raiden then says, "Ummm, try again."

As Raiden says that Akemi jumps back and rushes him. She does a fury of punches and grabs her sword to do a barrage of Air beast Technique.

"Hmmm." As the air barrages come in, the hit Raiden, but nothing happens, in fact, he wind starts to circle around Raiden. Then the wind then attacks Akemi.

Akemi gets hit by one. She starts to get more mad, making her completly lose her mind. She summons 10 Shadow clones which rush him one by one. Slashing at him with her swords.

Raiden's shield of wind blocks the slashes, then Raiden uses Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves. Slicing through her clones then aiming towards her.

Without Raiden knowing another 3 clones come from behind and close enough to his a few hits on him.

Since his wind shield was still up, they hit the shield, then Raiden turns and kills the 3 clones, then he moves on to Akemi, using Wind Release: Pressure Damage

Akemi uses a Cursed Wind Release: Air beast technique breaking through the shield.

As the wind breaks through, he uses her wind and takes control of it, then he says, "lets see how you do against this. Wind Control: EF1" Then wind then circulates into a small tornado with winds to 86-110 mph. The tornado then comes towards Akemi.

She runs to the tornado at full speed. She dives right through it just get a cut or two on her arm. Due to the momentum she pushed her self into the air using her hands and coming down at Raiden with her right hand sword.

She already had a hard time getting through the tornado, and when she was in the air coming down on Raiden, she had no foundation to stand on and the townado just sucks her up.

When she was spinning in the tornado she used an air beast technique to destroy the tornado. When she destroyed it she was flung to Raiden. She then thinks as quick as she can and when she come down on him she kicks him in the balls.

Raiden cringes and falls to the ground in pain.

When Raiden was in pain she kicks him in the stomach and uses a barrage of air beast to do even more damage.

He rolls out of the way of the air barrages, then stands up, then he throws shuriken at Akemi.

She blocks the shuriken with one of her swords. She then begins to talk "Looks like i'm getting the hold of this." She laughs. She then rushes Raiden with great speed and kicks him in the jaw with great amount of force. She gets up from the ground and says "I'm really getting the hold of this."

"Didn't think I had to use this but...." Ice Prison Technique. The ice then freezes Akemi in a ice prison.

She struggles to break out of the ice. With all her force she was able to crack the ice but couldnt fully break it.

"Don't u think that is a little over board Raiden?" Joshin asks. "Yeah that is very hard to break out of." Aiko says, "Fine I will break her out." Raiden says, He then breaks her out of the ice prison.

She falls to the ground. "You bastard!" she yells in anger. She get up and looks at Raiden. "Now your going to know what pain feels like." she said while gripping her swords. She run to Raiden with speed faster than before. She swings her sword at Raiden cutting him.

Raiden dodges the shots and says, "You know, you are starting to attack without thinking." Raiden then pulls a retractable scythe from his back and blocks the attacks with that. Then he counters one with a kick to the gut.

Akemi catches the kick. With great force she throws him into a tree. "You say i'm not thinking." she pauses "Why do you think that." She calms down gaining more power due to the fact that she is starting to control the mark.

"Because that was a clone u just made fly into the tree." Raiden says as he puts his scythe to her neck. "Just calm down and think you let anger get to you."

She grins. "I gess you win." she laughs. "It was fun as it lasted I guess." she said while pushing the scythe away from her neck. She than recalls the curse mark to the normal point on her neck. She turnd to Joshin and asked. "How did I do?"

"You did ok baby. But like Raiden said, you can't let anger get to you, it will get you killed."

She gets close to Joshin. "I knoiw but it isnt my fault, I'm working on it though." She turn to every one else. "Well, what do you guys say to dinner?"

They all agree to dinner and head back to Akemi's house.

--Time Skip--

They all arrive at Akemis house saftly. They enter the door and take their gear off. She faces them while walking to the fridge "What do you guys want?" she asks.

"You should of never asked Akemi." Aiko says. Then Raiden and Joshin then say, "We want Ramen, Pork, Chicken, Steak, and I guess a little vegies on the side."

Akemi sighs to her self. "Looks like I dont have all the ingredents." she said. Akemi asked "Hey Aiko and Raiden, can you go to the store its just around the corner?" She looks at Joshin "And Joshin, you can help me start to cook." She winks at him without the others knowing.

"Ok Raiden and Aiko say." The two leave, Joshin then walks over to Akemi and says, "I don't think that the wink you gave me was for cooking. Or was it for something else" he says. He walks over to Akemi and starts to kiss her.

She kisses him back. She pushes him innto the bedroom and onto the bed. "I thought they would never leave." she wispers.

"Well they are my friends, its very hard to get rid of them." Joshin then takes off his shirt and pants.

"There gone now arent they." She takes off her shirt and kisses Joshin passionately. She takes off her bra and pants.

They then sleep with each other again, an hour passes and they finish their "Business" "That, that was better than the first time." Joshin says.

Akemi laughs a bit. "Well you werent that much better." she turned around. "I'm kidding, you were great." she said as she kissed him. She slowly falls asleep in Joshins arms.

Ruh RoohEdit

Joshin goes to the bathroom to go and clean his self up, as he was taking off the condom, he notices that it was ripped. "OH SHIT!!!" He goes to Akemi to wake her and asks, "Hey Akemi, Akemi, hey ummm, was it that time of the month for you?"

She wakes up tired. "What?" she asked. "No." she said with a weird voice. "Why do you want to know?"

"Umm because the condom that I used ripped.... heheh...."

She didnt realize what that ment due to the fact that she was still tired. After a few seconds of thinking she realized what he meant. She jumped out of the bed got her clothes on and started to walk back and fourth. She stoped and looked at Joshin. "Well?" she asked. "Are you going to take responsibillity for this!?"

"Its not my fault, we might of went a little rough. But it will be you child too, don't just put the responsibility on me."

"I'm not putting all the responsibility on you." she explaned. "I know that you will take care of the child and I will to, but I didnt want a kid untill." she paused "I WAS MARRIED."

"I didn't want one until I was married as well, but it seems that well, it will be a little early for us. Look, how about we get married when we turn 18, and how about you move to Kumogakure with me?"

Akemi had a face of confusion. "We are 16 and we are going to have a child, I think that kind of means that you could atlease propose cant you?" Akemi asked

"I could, but I don't have a ring to give you, and when I proposed to the girl I wanted to marry, I wanted to have a ring."

Akemi sighs. "Ok." She walked to the fridge and strts to pull things out. "I guess we have to start making diner." She realizes that the other two have been gone for a long time. "Where do you think they are?" Akemi asked Joshin.

"Umm I don't know." Then a voice from the corner says, "So you got her pregnant Joshin." Then another voice says, "And you two are going to get married." Then they appear, it was Raiden and Aiko. "Camouflage technique, always works for things like this." Raiden says. "So, umm WAIT UNTIL EVERONE IN KUMO HEARS THIS!!!! HEHE" Aiko says. Raiden then says, "Especially sensei."

Akemi lets out a big sigh. She turns to Joshin "How long did you say you can stay?" she asked

"Umm about 2 more weeks why? don't tell me your kicking me out."

Akemi looked at Joshin in dissapointment. "No, I'm not kicking you out. I just need to know how much time I have to do three very hard task." She paused. "Least hardest is to get permission to move to your village, Second hardest is to find a cursed sage which leads to the most hardest, having the baby."

"Why do we need to find a cursed sage, and having the baby shouldn't be that hard." Joshin says. Aiko then screams, "You retard, its very, very, painful." "And how would you know Aikoo?" Raiden says. "Because I have seen it many of times being a medical ninja. And I have helped deliver too."

Akemi gets angry. "SHUT UP!" she yells at the three of them. Akemi sighs to calm herself down. A few tears start to roll down her cheaks. "When a mother has a cursed mark the offspring 100% need a curse mark." she pauses to allow herself to stop crying. "When a newborn is brought into this world they need a curse mark within the hour they are cut from the umbillica cord. Whitout it they die." She than goes on. "When a child has chakra that is meant for a curse mark which is very rare than they dont need a curse mark untill they are about five years old. Thats why we need a cursed sage." She than remembers. "But, there are rumors that their is a cursed sage by your village. When a child needs a curse mark the closes cursed sage can sense the need for it."

"Well then, looks like we have to go find this sage, because I want this child, and I won't let anything happen to him, well, I hope its a boy. If I even have to fight for my child to survive I will, so what is this sages name?"

Akemi laughs. "No one knows there names." she started to explain. "These are the origanal 7 sages, so there about 600,000 years old. Cursed sages can live forever until they find one that has mastered the forms. So finding them by names wont help."

"Well then looks like we have to look for him, or her." Then Aiko says, "How do we know if your even pregnant yet, we need to wait at least 1 month before we know, and if you are, maybe your child will be born with chakra that is not meant for the curse mark."

Akemi looks at Aiko and blushes. "Trust me, I'm for sure pregnant." She looks at joshin and bites her lip. "Joshin is a bit more mature than what you would think."

"Umm, that's too much info Akemi." Raiden says. Aiko blushes and says, "Oh really? maybe you should extend on the Mature part." Joshin then says, "Umm Akemi, I don't think you should of put that out there, even though you know how to work with the size." Aiko then says, "Ok, that's too much Joshin." Raiden then says, "Oh she does, do tell."

Akemi looked at Joshin and Aiko. "Did you guys have a thing back then?" she asked.

"Umm well yeah, but that was about 2 or 3 years ago." Joshin says. "But it wasn't anything really too intimate." Aiko says. "Yeah if you call kissing and touching not that intimate." Raiden says.

Akemi sighs. "Well I guess it was just a small thing right." she said while shrugging her shoulders.

--Time Skip--

They are all eating at the dinner table. Akemi says "I should try and get information on this cursed sage."

"Ok, well how about we think of a name for the child."

Akemi looks at Joshin "Why so soon?" she asked

"Umm, I don't know, I am kind of exited for the baby, So umm, from what I know, we can still have "fun" can't we Akemi?"

Akemi looks at Joshin. "A little, but nonthing to serious." she responds.

"Yes." Joshin exclaims. "Joshin, you are very freaky, that's just, wrong." Raiden says. Joshin then explains, "Look, I'm not about to go nine months without having none, maybe after 2 or 3 months I will stop." Then Aiko says, "Do what boys do, pleasure yourself."

Akemi raised her glass to Aiko. "You can say that again."

"But its not the same feeling like the real thing." Joshin says.

Akemi lets out a sigh. She then smakes Joshin upside the head.

"Owwwwwww, That hurt, why did you do that, I just said that it feels better when you do the real thing." Joshin says rubbing his head.

She lets out a sigh. "Because, I have to be able to focus manliy on the baby." she replied.

"Yeah, I guess. So, what about this Cursed Sage?"

She laughs. "There is one by your village. We have to find them but they will look for us too. But I do have a contact that could help me."

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