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Clans are groups of Shinobi families that more often than not have a group of hidden techniques and or Kekkai Genkai or bloodline limits, making them exceptionally powerful. These clans were often hired to do pretty much what they do today such as fight wars. Among the countless clans, the two most powerful were the Senju and Uchiha, both with Kekkai Genkai were bitter rivals, if someone hired the Senju, naturally their enemy would hire the Uchiha as only they can hope to compete with each other. After countless ages of fighting, Hasharama Senju and Madara Uchiha, as the respective leaders of their clan united the two clans under the dream of a village where children could learn and play instead of fight and die. This village became Konohagakure and Hasharama Senju became the first Hokage. Other clans saw the value in this structure and asked to join the alliance, creating peace among many clans and soon, the rest of the world followed, creating many clan alliances. After these villages were established, there was a brief time of peace and then each village started to war with each other, becoming who has the better alliance. During the most recent times of the storyline of canon, all the villages and clans have united under the banner of the United Shinobi Forces to win the Fourth Shinobi War started by Obito of the Akatsuki.

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