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A corps of primarily non-shinobi citizens of Chirigakure that were trained to protect the village in place of shinobi so that the village's shinobi could spend their time training, relaxing or doing missions outside of the village. These citizens are however on a much different level than average soldiers, they were specifically trained to be highly affective against shinobi, bandits and thieves among other categories of people but what contributes to their ability to defend the village the most is their special armour . This however only means it is effective against common shinobi, even Jonin level but not against shinobi of Kage level or shinobi difficult to pin down to a specific level such as Sasuke Uchiha or Nagato. Although mostly comprised of non-shinobi, all shinobi that are inbetween missions are considered a member of the guard, primarily the reserve so that the Shinobi are not called into action when not necessary.

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