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Tobirama Senju

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Chirigakure (埃隠れの里, Chirigakure no Sato; Literally meaning "Village Hidden by Dust", also known as the Village Hidden in the Dust) is the hiddn shinobi village of the Land of NoodlesBecause there is no land marks near Chirigakure, it's location is difficult to find however, it is even harder to find because it is a true hidden village as ninjusu hides it from view. It is hidden by a legendary technique called the Hiding In The Dust Technique  which is where many believe the village got it's name from. Chirigakure has no unique name for their leader as the people are sadly unimaginable in that department so they just call their leader the village leader however, they make up for their weakness in naming with their unique training system. Their way of training is probably the most complex in the shinobi world but it produces some of the finest shinobi and shinobi teams the world but, it takes more years to them to train their shinobi than other countries so they produce less Genin every year than other countries though what they lack up in numbers, they make up with brute strength, excellent teamwork and strategies. Even with their skilled shinobi though, they fear being attacked at any moment by other villages, making them very paranoyed and untrusting of other countries.

History (WIP)

A few weeks before the start of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, shinobi from many different villages that didn't agree with other shinobi villages went rogue however, they unlike the usual rogue ninja, they were not terrorists and outlaws, they simple believed that a shinobi village should stand on it's own if it is truly strong. During the weeks that followed, they wandered around aimlessly, looking for employment and a place to call home however, it was not until a few days after the start fourth war that the consideration of forming a new village accrued. By an odd coincidence, several of these rogue shinobi met during a mission in the Land of Noodles. The nature of their mission was the same, to eliminate the other rogue shinobi that worked for their employer's competition which happen to be them. They quickly reconized each other as the enemy and a battle began but as the battle raged on, they had the odd sense that the other shinobi were much like them. As they fought, they talked a bit and quickly came to realize that they were right and stopped fighting, unsure what to do until one of them had an idea, report back to their bosses that their mission was a success and stage an attack on them and kill them, leaving with the money then approach the Daimyō of the Land of Noodles and request permission to build a village.


Other Information

Coming soon.


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