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Name Chikakugan
Literal English Perception Eyes
Clan Kirisaki Clan

The Chikakūgan is an extremely common Dōjūtsū Kekkei Genkai within the Kirisaki Clan within the Land of Wind's Taifūgakure; as of recently, a group of them also migrated to the Land of Fire's Kōnōhagakūre, due to a large scale dispute that the clan had, resulting in a small civil war. 


The appearance of the Chikakūgan is very unique, because it looks different from user to user. The three consistent similarities between all Chikakūgan are the general shape/form, how shinny that they all are, and their positions in their eyes. Every Chikakūgan is completely round, only one color, and takes up the entirety of both of their eyes; in addition, whichever color that their eyes happen to turn are extremely sparkly, which means that that no dark colors that can't sparkle will ever be seen. The major difference between them are the colors, which range from red, to light purple, to yellow, to orange, to blue, to green, among others. In addition, sometimes the general shapes can differ in a way, but not always, (example, the two infobox pictures).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The most basic power of the Chikakūgan, like the Byakugan, is that it allows the user to sense the Chakra Flow of their enemy by visually accessing the Chakra Network System; doing this allows the Chikakūgan to outline in color every Chakra Nature that the enemy possesses--Lighting Release is Yellow, Fire Release is Red/Orange, Water Release is Sky Blue, Wind Release is White, and Earth Release is Brown. The more of the color there is means the more control they have over it, and whatever color takes up the majority of their body is taken as their natural affinity. If they have the ability to learn it but not yet have then the color will appear as a darker appearance of it's normal self. Doing this allows the practitioner to plan out their battle strategy carefully, based on what the enemy would most likely use first and/or the most.

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