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This article, Chaos Seal of Shifuku, is the property of Na'Jorne.

Chaos Seal of Shifuku
Name Chaos Seal of Shifuku
Literal English Chaos Seal of Bliss
Rank A-Rank
Range Self Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu
Parent jutsu Chaos Juinjutsu
User(s) No one at the moment.


Compared to its weaker variant, Chaos Seal of Sabui, this seal gives you a much more power boost than Sabui. It could give the user a slight advantage over their opponent that they had before. The Survival Rate of this Cursed Seal is 96%, a 4% drop from its weaker variant.


The seal is activated from anger or from the users command. This seal is weak enough for the user to be able to manipulate it freely upon their command. And when it does activate it will glow and spread into bits around the are where it was originally place. The fiery glow will go away and turn into a solid color.

When activated, the user will experienced an increase in their Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and even a small bit of Genjutsu. The users Ninjutsu will be increased to a point where their techniques are enhanced and amplified to take on a bit larger shape, depending on the technique. It will also allowed them to make their techniques more destructive than before but wouldn't be a point where it would kill someone with a simple scratch.

The Taijutsu of the users are increased all around. Their strength will be amplified where they could easily make a small crack in concrete if they got a good punch in and had went full force. They will also experienced a sudden surge of energy that the Chaos Seal of Sabui hadn't given before. It also increases their stamina by a small bit due to the sudden urge of energy. Their speed doesn't increase above what the Chaos Seal of Sabui gave the user.

Their Genjutsu is increased due to the impureness of the seal itself even though it could be used for good. This Juinjutsu slightly enforces the users Genjutsu's so when they cast it the victim will have a slightly harder time to break out of them.


The drawbacks of this Juinjutsu aren't that serious. When the seal is placed, not transformed from its weaker variant, than the user will feel fatigue and sleepy. This won't kill them but simply want to make them want to go to sleep or they will stress their bodies. Their is also a 4% chance that the user may die when its first placed onto their body, though any use after that won't kill them that way. It would also take about 4 Days straight of use for the seal to deactivate itself and have the user pass out from the sudden exhaustion.

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