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Chaos Seal of Sabui
Name Chaos Seal of Sabui
Kanji 乱麻封印彼寒い
Literal English Chaos Seal of Weak
Rank A-Rank
Range Self Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu
Parent jutsu Chaos Juinjutsu
User(s) None at the moment.


The Chaos Seal of Sabui is the weakest seal of all the Chaos Juinjutsu's. Compaired to other Juinjutsu's it won't stand a chance and will normally be used for a small temporary boost. The Survival Rate of this Juinjutsu is a 100%, meaning that the victim cannot die from it being placed onto their body.


The seal is normally activated from anger although, due to its weak power the user can activate and deactivate it at any time. When is is activated, the seal will glow in the fiery like pattern that all Juinjutsu do. But, due to its weak nature the seal won't grow any larger nor even budge, it will just glow for as long as the seal is activated.

When the seal is activated, the user will experienced a small boost in Ninjutsu, Strength, and Speed. The ninjutsu boost is a little amount and will barely help with anything. Although the boost can make their techniques a little more dangerous but adding a slight power boost to them.

The users Strength and Speed are also increased but on a larger scale than the Ninjutsu boost. Their strength will be increased to a point where they could break glass with a flick of the finger. Although this wouldn't do anything to their opponent, as a fully powered punch would be a bit more than a normal punch.

Their speed is increased by the most. Its nothing that most Shinobi could follow but it does allow them to get some trickery movement in. Overall this seal is more about the Taiutsu than Ninjutsu but still gives a slight boost in that as well.


Even though this is a Juinjutsu the Drawbacks are nearly nothing. After its use the user won't really feel any different unless they went a full hour with it activated. At that moment they would feel slightly tired but nothing to bad. Although, if the user were to use this for an entire five days the seal would deactivate itself and the user would fall to the ground with a sudden feeling of weakness and feel like they could die. But there is no way that this seal can cause death.

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