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Chaos Juinjutsu
Name Chaos Juinjutsu
Kanji 乱麻呪印術
Literal English Chaos Cursed Seal Techniques
Other Name(s) Anarchy Seal's
Rank A-Rank
Hand Seals Crossed Tigers
Range Short Range
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, Juinjutsu, Kinjutsu
Derived jutsu Chaos Seal of Sabui
Chaos Seal of Shifuku
User(s) Itsuki Mori


This technique was created to give power but also give the placer the ability to control their victims. The user will need to created the Crossed Tiger Hand Seal and somehow apply chakra to the victims D.N.A.. This can be done but simply touching the victim to even spitting on them.

Some of the Cursed Seals are stronger than others. There may also be more than one stage of each seal and it has been know for seals to evolve to the next, more stronger, seal if the user has the potential to. Each seal may have a different ability than the other but they all mostly have the same effect, giving the victim/user power.

The placer can also make the victim incapacitated to a point where they can't move. They also have the ability to also force the Cursed Seal to activate and to also retract the seal on command. When the user uses the seal, they will instantly gain the feeling of wanting to use it again, and the more they use it, the more they want to search out for the placer and follow them. But if the placer forces the seal than this effect doesn't take place.

The user also creates a mental link between their brain the the Juinjutsu. If the placer where to die they can take one of their own victims lives to reincarnate themselves.

Types of SealsEdit

Chaos Seal of SabuiEdit

The Chaos Seal of Sabui is the weakest of Juinjutsu that Itsuki Mori wields. It doesn't give many boost and is quite weak compared to most other Juinjutsu's. It has the ability to evolve to stronger seals and only has One Stage.
Survival Rate: 100%
Power: Weak

Chaos Seal of ShifukuEdit

The Chaos Seal of Shifuku is a level above the Chaos Seal of Sabui. The power increases are more than the weaker one but there is an actual chance that the user may die when it's placed onto their body, although slim. This Juinjutsu only haves one stage but can also transform into stronger variants.
Survival Rate: 96%
Power: A bit more than Weak

Chaos Seal of KankiEdit

The Chaos Seal of Kanki is a more average Curse seal. The abilities that it increases are much more than the Shifuku one and even more when compared to Sabui.

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