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Chakra Strings Tree
Name Chakra Strings Tree
Rank A
Range N/A
Type Offensive & defensive
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature None
Parent jutsu Split Chakra Strings
User(s) Gorou


Based off of the Split Chakra Strings, the shinobi creates one or two chakra strings from the bottom of their feet and extend it into the ground where they become intertwined as one. Once this has been done, the puppet master extends the range of the chakra string several feet away and forces it to resurface, shooting up no less than twenty feet upwards where it remains upright. From there, the shinobi creates chakra strings from that "trunk" to make it mimic what a tree looks like. This is the completed form of the technique. Puppet Masters are then able to extend the range of the chakra string "branches" for binding opponents, controlling a large number of puppets and more. While this is an A ranked technique, the amount of chakra required depends solely on how high the "trunk" goes and how many chakra string "branches" as well as how far the chakra strings are extended but even at a hundred, it is rather negligible. What makes this an A ranked technique is the sheer difficulty of keeping the "trunk" upright while controlling the countless chakra string "branches". The fact that the "roots" of the "tree" is connected directly to the user also gives it it's A ranked difficulty because it effectively immobilizes the caster.

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