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Chakra Strings Simulated Death
Name Chakra Strings Simulated Death
Rank C-
Range Close Range
Type Defensive
Classification Chakra Strings
User(s) Subaru Hidaka

Chakra Strings Simulated Death is a very useful, yet slightly flawed, technique utilizing Chakra Strings used by Subaru Hidaka


Subaru Hidaka uses this technique to simulated his own death for a limited time, in the hopes that the enemy will be fooled and flee the battlefield.  He begins by wrapping his Chakra Strings tightly around his own body, as well as binding some ends of it inside his own body to his blood vessels.  When the technique is activated his pulse stops temporarily, and after awhile his heart stops beating temporarily.  This will last for about five minutes or less, during which time he'll remain in a coma-like state, simulating actual death.  Although it's a useful ability, most Shinobi who are Jonin or higher will be able to detect that it's being used, so that, combined with how much time and preparation it takes to actually use it, means that it's not a technique that can just be used whenever. 

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