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Chakra Seal
Name Chakra Seal
Rank S+
Range All Ranges
Type Offensive
Classification Ninjutsu
User(s) Hiroshi Ogisaka
Saburota Ogisaka

Chakra Seal is a powerful technique in the Ogisaka Clan


Due to the Ogisaka Clan's abnormally high amount of Chakra, during training they have to keep half of it sealed away until they're strong enough to use it without the seal.  It's sealed way in a staff they keep on their person at all times, and also use in battle normally.  To release some of it during a particularly tough battle, (which is usually considered to be forbidden in most cases), they have to break the one long staff a part into two shorter staffs from the center.  To seal it back up again, they have to put those two smaller staffs together again into one longer staff. 

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