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Eight Tails With Killer Bee

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Dragon Push Technique
Name Dragon Push Technique
Rank B-Rank
Hand Seals Monkey, Ram, Tiger, Dragon
Range Mid to Far Range
Type Offensive
Chakra Nature Chakra Release
Parent jutsu Chakra Fist


Once the user makes the hand seals they will bring their arms backwards with their hands stright up. As they do the user needs to breath in and focus chakra onto their palm. Once their hands are all the way back, the user will thrust them foward letting all the air out of their lungs. A blue dragon will apperear. Once this dragon come into contact with anything it will explode of chakra. This normally causes external damage but, this technique can crush bones and organs.

The dragon can be controled by the user. But, it is very limited. The user can turn the dragon once. The turn can be a simple degree or a full 360. It can also go up and down but not sideways. The dragon can also go vertical but nothing else.

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