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Chakra Compression Technique
Name Chakra Compression Technique
Type Supplementary
Classification Shio Spiral Hiden, Ninjutsu
Derived jutsu Shio Spiral Invasion Technique
Shio Spiral Dream Eater Technique
User(s) Yakedo Shio
Nanashi Shio
Moyashi Shio
Shirogane Shio

The Chakra Compression Technique is a Hiden skill of the Shio Clan.  Using extreme chakra control, their chakra is forced to become extremely dense in a unique fashion. This feat of chakra control offers them great skill in Shape Manipulation, and also increases their chakra reserves through the compression of the existing chakra. 

Yakedo Shio is the only known Shio to learn this secret technique on his own, through practice and observation creating his own peculiarly dense and unique chakra. This enhanced chakra exceeds most other chakras in its power, barring that of tailed beasts and sages. A benefit of such a chakra is that other people cannot absorb his chakra, as it is incompatible with their own chakra signature.

Another use of this technique is to mute one's chakra signature, and the civilian levels escaping, due to their extreme density, are enough to sustain an E-Rank technique such as the Transformation Technique.