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Chakra Communication
Name Chakra Communication
Rank S-Rank
Range Close
Classification Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Yin-Yang Release
 This technique was created by normal members of the Kemono Clan to be able to make contact with there Chakra Beast. Most members can do this with ease but must meditate to talk to them.

More advanced users can talk to there Chakra Beast at anytime they wish. This takes constant training and meditation. Only a few members know how to do this.

The most advanced members such as the Elders can talk to there Chakra Beast at any time with ease. But they are not only able to do that but they can also talk to other Chakra Beast by putting there and the host with the Beast foreheads together. The danger of this though is that without carefull and percise chakra control the users mind will explode and be instantly destroyed.

This can also be used to talk to peoples chakra and beings in them if there are any.

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