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This article, Chakra Collection Technique, is the property of Na'Jorne.


This technique or kekkei genkei, Chakra Collection Technique, requires anyone who wishes to use it to fill out an application and place it on the copyright holder's wall. The application form can be found at the bottom of the page.
Chakra Collection Technique
Name Chakra Collection Technique
Kanji チャクラ収集
Literal English Chakra Collection Technique
Rank A-Ranked
Range Long Range
Type Supplementary, Defensive
Classification Barrier Ninjutsu, Chakra Absorption Techniques, Fūinjutsu
User(s) None


This technique was created to seal surrounding chakra into an object. The chakra is limited to only the users Natures and chakraless techniques or abilities as well. Those that have used the technique have also showed the ability to absorb chakra directly from a person themselves but is very limited.


The user will need to have an object and placed the necessary seal on it. Though if they want the object to contain chakra that is from a Nature than they will need to posses that same nature and place a certain seal for that nature onto it. Once they have the object with the seal they can than insert surrounding chakra into the object.

Once there is surrounding chakra of that nature and the user has an object for it, they can put one of their hands onto the object and their other into the air. At that point they will create a Barrier that will stretch out depending on the users skill level. The chakra that remains in the air that was dispersed from a technique would be drawn to the users hand and transferred into the object. So for example, someone used Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique the user of this technique could draw the chakra that was dispersed from it. Though it seems as though it can only collect 20% of the original amount of the technique. It seems as though the object can contain up to 100% of collected chakra of that nature.

The user can also drain chakra directly from their opponent or an object that possesses chakra of the nature the object is inscribed to. They will need to touch the object that will contain the chakra with one hand and the object or person that will be drained from the other hand. The object or persons chakra will be drained right on touch and their chakra will be drained at a rate of; 1 second will drain 0.5% of the objects or persons entire chakra and seal it directly into the object that the chakra was being directed into. Though if the chakra is exposed from the objects body, the user can touch the exposed area and absorb chakra much faster at a rate of; 1 second will drain 5% of the objects or persons entire chakra.

When the chakra is sealed into an object the user has a few options. If the chakra is a Nature they can use it at anytime and use it through a technique of that nature to conserve their own chakra. Though if they had sealed chakra directly from another person, they can insert it into their own body through another seal to increase their chakra reserves for a temporary time, until the extra chakra was used up, unless the chakra source was something that would have affected the users chakra systems such as a special type of chakra.

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