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Chakra Burst
Name Chakra Burst
Kanji チャクラ破烈
Literal English Chakra Burst
Rank C-Rank
Range Short Range
Type Ninjutsu, Chakra Flow
Classification Supplementary
User(s) Kaname

This technique was created by Kaname, and so far only he knows it. In a person's chakra network, their chakra flows in a certain pattern, following a certain path, using Reverse Art, Kaname is able to make the chakra go in different paths without chakra hitting each other. Chakra Burst is essentially him making chakra hit each other. But, Kaname makes it to where the chakra forces its way out as if he was infusing it with his feet. When the chakra forces its way out, it causes a back blast that makes what ever part of the body Kaname is using this technique on it propel which ever way the chakra came out.

For example, if he uses it on his arms while punching someone, he uses Chakra Burst to propel his fist and arm forward, making the attack move faster and hit harder. He can do this technique throughout his whole body, he can use this technique to even walk in the air, since the chakra forcing its way out causes a back blast.

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