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Chakra Absorption Scroll
Name Chakra Absorption Scroll


The Chakra Absorption Trap Scroll is a special type of scroll used primarily by Chirigakure as a means of protecting their information from enemies by absorbing the chakra of whoever is holding it when opened at a rapid rate until the person is close to dead as not to give the person enough time to let go or throw it but making the person serve as a warning to others who would steal the village's secrets, compressing the chakra so that it can absorb large amounts of chakra without sustaining damage however, it does have a limit equivalent to about the max chakra levels of three typical Jonin. Given enough time, the chakra will be released into the surrounding air until only a moderate amount is left to repeat the cycle again. These scrolls are also typically stored in special rooms specifically for them which have a natural defense as created by the scrolls themselves. This defense is the scrolls' ability to release chakra into the surrounding area and as demonstrated during the Chunin Exams arc during the battle between Orochimaru and the third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, a vast amount of chakra being released at once and being present is harmful to most, even ANBU Blackops. It can however be disarmed by pouring chakra into it equal to the amount of chakra that is already inside of it however, when a person stops and that amount is more or less than the original amount when they started to pour their chakra in, then the trap will automatically activate.

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