Calorie Control: Evening Dragon
Ep 209485 3
Name Calorie Control: Evening Dragon
Kanji カロリーコントロール:夜龍
Literal English Calorie Control: Night Dragon
Rank S-Rank
Hand Seals Dragon → Ox → Horse → Hare → Dragon
Range All ranges
Type Offensive, Defensive
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu, Nintaijutsu
Parent jutsu Calorie Control
User(s) Kenta

Kenta had developed this technique for use as a final trump card to defeat an opponent in exchange for his own life.


To use this technique, Kenta must activate Calorie Control, or eat the Red Chili Pill of the Three Coloured Akimichi clan Pills; he uses the chakra wings that formed behind him, and turn them into the shape of a giant monster that resembles the Susanoo.

This figure is semi-indestructible, it can easily destroy anything only by blowing a cool/hot breeze of air to their opponents. And just like the Scalpel Punch, it can cause both external and internal damage.

If you exclude the chakra figure, Kenta's own physical prowess has increased, making his taijutsu skills go far off the scale. His ninjutsu is also greatly improved, but not as much as the taijutsu skills.

Side EffectsEdit

Because of all the latter effects, this technique is ranked S. Though, because of its great effects, it also has major side effects, and this technique has been classified as a kinjutsu.

It quickly burns the user's body fat, and it destroys all of the body's atoms a lot more swiftly than Calorie Control with the Red Chili Pill itself. The user's body would literally wither away from 1 minute of using this technique; so Kenta has saved this technique as a final trump card/opportunity, so his death wouldn't be in vain.


  • The "Evening Dragon" part of the technique's name is a reference to Might Guy's Sixth and Seventh Gate techniques, Morning Peacock and Daytime Tiger.
  • The technique's name is a combination of katakana and kanji; the katakana part being "カロリーコントロール" (Karorī Kontorōru) and the kanji being "夜龍" (Yoru Ryū).

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