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Name Togiretogireyaiba
Literal English Broken Blade
Rank C
Range Close Range
Type Offensive
Parent jutsu Samurai Arts
User(s) Fukanouji Mizuakari, Shun Mizuakari

Togiretogireyaiba is a sword technique. 


This is a technique that Fukanouji devised himself, utilizing not only great speed, but a large amount of physical strength, to break an enemy's sword blade in two halves by swinging his own katana blade down on top of it, slicing it like butter.  Fukanouji first used this technique against Mifune, cutting his sword like it was nothing, killing him shortly afterwards; ever since then, this has quickly became one of Fukanouji's favorite and most used techniques, at least during one on one battles, due to how easy and simple it is to perform despite it's usefulness. 

Known UsersEdit

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