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Box of Sage Monkeys
Name Box of Sage Monkeys
Kanji の賢人猿の箱
Rōmaji No kenjin saru no hako
Literal English Box of Sage Monkeys
User(s) Monkey King 3

The Box of Sage Monkeys is a very weird weapon used by Monkey King 3 and Waku. It carries hundreds of small monkeys the size of someones hand, what makes them so effective is that if they bite you, they will latch on to you. They suck chakra from their opponents and it is hard to take them off, also when they latch on to you they are like beacons for other monkeys. The same type of monkeys can find where you are just from one latching on to you. Another thing that they can do is summon other monkeys to where they are latched on to.

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