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Body Flicker Technique
640px-Body flicker pt 1
Name Body Flicker Technique
Kanji 瞬身の術
Literal English Body Flicker Technique
Other Name(s) Teleportation Jutsu
Rank D-rank
Hand Seals Ram
Range All Ranges
Type Supplementary
Classification Ninjutsu, General Skill
User(s) Hansha Uchiha
Anjin Uzumaki
Bunmei Gōtō

The Body Flicker Technique is a high-speed movement technique, allowing a ninja to move short to long distances at an almost untraceable speed.[1] To an observer, it appears as if the user has teleported. A puff of smoke is occasionally used to disguise the user's movements. It is accomplished by using chakra to temporarily vitalise the body and move at extreme speeds. The amount of chakra required depends on the overall distance and elevation between the user and the intended destination. Shisui Uchiha was feared as "Shisui of the Body Flicker" (瞬身のシスイ, Shunshin no Shisui; ; ; ), likely referring to this technique.

The different hidden villages have variations of the Body Flicker Technique, all of which involve some extra element aside from the movement itself. The extra element is usually some sort of substance used to distract the opponent, such as leaves or sand. {{Nw|Gaara}], for instance, uses the Sand Body Flicker (砂瞬身, Suna-Shunshin; ; ; ), which uses sand to cover his movements. Other varieties include the Mist Body Flicker (霧瞬身, Kiri-Shunshin; ; ; ), Water Body Flicker (水瞬身, Mizu-Shunshin; ; ; ), Frost Body Flicker (霜瞬身, Shimo-Shunshin; ; ; ), and Leaf Body Flicker (木ノ葉瞬身, Konoha-Shunshin; ; ; ). The Fourth Raikage combined the Body Flicker Technique with the Lightning Release Armour which allowed him to dodge even Amaterasu in a split second.

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