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Blood Sealed Destruction
Name Blood Sealed Destruction
Kanji 血封印破壊
Rank A
Range Short
Classification Fūinjutsu
User(s) Anjin Uzumaki

The Blood Sealed Destruction is a high-level Uzushiogakure fūinjutsu utilized by Anjin Uzumaki.


This seal reacts negatively to any sort of kekkei genkai carried by the target. Once applied, it remains dormant, until it detects some sort of kekkei genkai usage. Upon activation, it inverts the flow of chakra in this kekkei genkai, with extremely dangerous side effects. For an advanced nature, it causes the chakra to undergo elemental transformation inside the chakra network, which usually causes immediate death or permanent damage to the chakra network. For example, if a Yuki Clan member tried to use their Ice Release, all of their chakra would begin to turn to ice. Inside their body.

For dojutsu kekkei genkai, it inverses the flow of chakra, causing all chakra to remove itself from the eyes, to the point of localized chakra exhaustion. This can permanently remove access to the dojutsu, unless treatment is administered quickly by an expert medical ninja.

This seal has not been seen in action on other kekkei genkai types.

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