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Blood Release
Blood Release
Name Blood Release
Kanji 血遁
Rōmaji Chiton
Literal English Blood Release
Other Name(s) Blood Style
Debut Manga Only
Clan kyuuketsuki Clan

Blood Release (血遁 Chiton, English TV "Blood Style") is a chakra nature type that involves simply manipulating blood within one's own body or others. Formed by "creating" blood cells from "nothingness". However, it has been confirmed that "Blood Release" is a Kekkei Tōta, an advanced Kekkei Genkai. It is said that it might be formed by combining Water Release, Yin Release and another unknown element (doubted to be Earth Release).

Blood Release is unique to the almost extinct "kyuuketsuki Clan". The density and pressure of the blood being manipulated can be controlled, and be solidified for practical purposes such as creating a dense wall or simply enhance one's offense or defense.


  • Blood Release techniques are highly chakra taxing techniques hence using them more than four to five times a day can lead to one's death.
  • Almost every blood release technique except for Blood Release: Enhanced Offense and Blood Release: Enhanced Defense causes a huge amount of blood loss. (Note: Blood Release: Enhanced Offense and Blood Release: Enhanced Defense are internal so they don't require the users blood to flow out of his body)
  • Harmful without the use of blood increasing pills.
  • While the author does not want to disrespect anyone by calling this page the "original" but the fact that Blood Release was literally taken away and over by another using during the absence of the creator, has forced the author to create another page.
  • Increased Blood-lust i.e, can potentially turn the clan members into blood sucking vampires.

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