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Blood Release: Blood Conversion
Name Blood Release: Blood Conversion
Rank Unranked
Hand Seals None
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidden & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Blood Release
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu N/A
Creator Karura Ketsueki
User(s) Karura Ketsueki

Through physical touch, this technique converts one blood type into another type, allowing it to be used to poison someone by exposing them to a blood type that they are incompatible with or save someone's life when a blood transfusion is needed. This has mainly been used to poison enemies however, it's creator has used it on occasion to save herself from poison and loss of blood by converting it to her blood type then absorbing it with a separate technique. In order for this technique to be a success, the user must have knowledge of how each type of blood is structured differently and must quickly convert it so that there is no time for the two types of blood to mingle otherwise it will become virtually impossible to fully convert it into one type of blood.

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