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Tobirama Senju

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Blood Release: Blood Conversion
Name Blood Release: Blood Conversion
Rank Unranked
Hand Seals Necessity unknown
Range Short
Type Supplemental
Classification Ninjutsu, Hidden & Kekkei Genkai
Chakra Nature Blood Release
Parent jutsu N/A
Derived jutsu N/A
User(s) Karura Ketsueki

A multipurpose technique originally created to convert one blood type into another for the purpose of poisoning enemies with an incompatible blood type to kill or incapacitate them for capture however, following missions where she lost a lot of blood, the technique's creator,  Karura started using it to convert the blood of enemies and allies into her blood type for transfusions to prevent herself from passing out or dying from a lack of blood. About a year later, when she was running out of chakra during battle, she gave the technique it's final use by converting the blood of a fallen enemy into chakra for herself. However, these three uses cannot be used at the same time, nor can another Blood Release technique be used while one of the three uses is being used.

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