Blood Release
Name Blood Release
Other Name(s) Blood Style
Clan Yamanaka Clan
Techniques Blood Release: Blood Bullets,

Blood Release: Blood Shield, Blood Release: Round Blood Shield, Blood Release: Overture Circulation, Blood Release: Reverse Circulation, Blood Release: Blood Devastation

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Blood Release is an advanced nature Kekkei Tota, combining together the elements Water Release, Yin Release, and Yang Release, found within select members of the Yamanaka Clan and the Niki Clan, (due to ancient relations that the two clans have with each other), which allows the user to manipulate the blood not only in their and their opponent's bodies, but also any blood spilt out of anyone's body, including their own. 


Although much of the history of this technique is unknown, due to how ancient that the Kekkei Tota actually is, Sairo Yamanaka, the founder of the Yamanaka Clan, was the first known user of the technique, long before the Yamanaka Clan was split into the Yamanaka Clan and the Niki Clan. 

Blood DevastationEdit

Blood Devastation

Sairo Yamanaka using Blood Devastation when she's a child and being controlled by it

This is the strongest power that Blood Release gives someone, which some consider to be rather separate from Blood Release, even though it's technically the same technique.  When activated, their entire body will be running and dripping with thick, red blood, which will also form a strange pattern around their face.  Blood will also orbit and circulate around them, too.  It's very difficult to control, and takes years of training to do so.  When used when you can't control it, it'll take the pracitioner over, almost as if they're being possessed.  When using this technique, all of the standard traits such as speed, reflexes, agility, flexibility, and physical strength are also vastly increased, as well as the speed, duration, and overall power of all Blood Release Techniques, and how much Chakra the person can use before they're too tired out during battle. 

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