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"That is the cycle of life. How have you lived so long, yet learned nothing from our painful past?"

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Black Death
Name Black Death
Kanji 黒死病
Literal English Black Death
Rank S-Rank
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu, Kinjutsu
Classification Offensive
Chakra Nature Fire Release, Lightning Release
Parent jutsu Black Lightning, Black Fire
User(s) Tetsu

This technique was created by Tetsu, and is a very powerful technique that was labeled as a Kinjutsu by Tetsu because of its power. It combines 2 natures together to create this black force, the black force is so powerful that use of this technique for longer than 7 minutes could be harmful for Tetsu.

Black Death combines Black Fire and Black Lightning, first, Tetsu has to breath the Black Fire on one of his hands, then control it, then make the Black Lightning in his other hand. By then clapping his hand together and waiting for 1 minute, he combines to the natures until they balance out. Then once finished, he releases his hands and the Black force of the Black Death appears in both hands. He can use this in taijutsu, and transfer the Black Death through out his whole body, though doing this reduces the time it takes for this technique to harm him. This technique cuts and burns through stuff, even chakra at a fast rate, also the temperature of this technique is about 600 degrees.

It is a very effective technique, Water may not work because it just fuels the lightning nature of this technique, but water may be able to douse the flames if enough water is applied, though at times, it may destabilize this technique. Wind may not work because it strengthens the fire nature of this technique, but it weakens the lightning part. Earth doesn't work because lightning is in this technique and lightning is earth's weakness.

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