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Affiliation Asobi Cave
Nature Type(s) Nature Icon WindWind Release
Jutsu Bat Art: Chakra Drain
Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique
Bat Art: Sonic Screech Technique


The Bats are one of the oldest creatures that any Shinobi could summon. They had even known of the Sage when he created the all life. They have been through out history learning how stupid the humans are, making them feel pity for them.

They had never really had a personal meeting with the human's so they never learned how to speak their language. As they are alone they do practice with each other in sparing and do perfect their Bar Art's. Although most of the Bat's do have the Affinity to Wind Release and can't seem to access any other nature other that that.

As thousands of years had passed people started to pop up in their homeland, Asobi Cave. They had no way to communicate so the humans were afraid and tried to kill them. But the more larger bats simply eat them to get rid of the annoyance. Later though, they created a special technique that only the humans were to use. This technique was written in the human language and given to the humans for them to communicate through the mind. That technique would be called, Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique.

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