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Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique

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Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique
Name Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique
Kanji バットアート:チャクラの接続技術
Literal English Bat Art: Chakra Connection Technique
Hand Seals Monkey→Boar→Tiger
Range All Ranges
Type Supplementary


This is a technique that the Bat's from Asobi Caves first teach any Human that were to find themselves there. By making the hand seals the user will need to touch one of the bats. As soon as they do the chakra will force the bat's to connect mentally for them to communicate.

Once the chakra's are connected the user and bat will be able to speak just by using their minds. The user can also send a technique of theirs directly into the bat's mind for them to use once, until the user gave it to them again. This is done by sending a pulse right into their minds. The bat's however can only use Wind based techniques or techniques that do not require natures.

The bat that is summon doesn't need to know this technique for it to work. Only the summoner does as the connection is from them. This acts as though the user is a transmitter and the bat is the receiver.

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