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Barrier Encase Seal
Name Barrier Encase Seal
Kanji 障壁包むシール
Literal English Barrier Encase Seal
Hand Seals Rat → Ox → Dog → Dog → Clap hands → Slam hand on the ground
Range Short to Mid Range
Type Fuinjutsu
Barrier Ninjutsu
Classification Supplementary
Parent jutsu Uzumaki Sealing Technique
User(s) Raiko
Yakumo Uzumaki

This technique was made by Raiko and Yakumo Uzumaki. By weaving the correct hand signs, the user sends a formula to the thing they want to seal. But before the sealing formula comes in, a barrier erects around the thing they want to seal, making sure it can't get out. The barrier is strong enough to take 1 hit by a technique as strong as Chakra Enhanced Strength. Then the sealing formula comes in, the sealing formula goes over the barrier and inside it. Then the barrier encloses and formula seals the thing inside.

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