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Bansho Ten'in
Bansho Tenin Anime
Name Bansho Ten'in
Kanji 万象天引
Literal English Heavenly Attraction of All of Creation
Other Name(s) Universal Pull
Rank B
Range All Ranges
Type Ninjutsu Kekkei Genkai Dojutsu
Classification Supplementary
Parent jutsu Deva Path

Banshō Ten'in is a technique that manipulates attractive force (引力, inryoku) at the users will to pull matter towards the user. It has the same five second limit as the Shinra Tensei as stated by Chōji.It is possible to attract multiple targets at once, causing them to collide with each other. Like its counterpart, Shinra Tensei, the ability to manipulate attractive force is granted by the Deva Path.

Other Media EditEdit

An enhanced, "Full Throttle" version of Banshō Ten'in appears in Naruto Shippūden: Shinobi Rumble, called "Banshō Ten'in: Dōmetsu" (万象天引・導滅; Literally meaning "Heavenly Attraction of All of Creation: Guiding Destruction").

Influence EditEdit

The names of Banshō Ten'in and its companion ability, Shinra Tensei, are derived from Shinra Banshō (神羅万象; Literally meaning "Everything Covered by God"), a Japanese four-character idiom and homophone variant of Shinra Banshō (森羅万象; Literally meaning "All-Covering Forests and Ten Thousand Things"), a Buddhist idiom which has come to mean "All of Nature" or "All of Creation".

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