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Band of the Hawk
Name Band of the Hawk
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Team Information
Leaders Toshimori Kirisaki
Affiliations Themselves
Team Techniques N/A

The Band of the Hawk is a group of Rouge Shinobi, led by Toshimori Kirisaki, a former faction leader of the Black Mountain Gang, and wielder of the Dojutsu of his Clan the Chikakugan, as well as a grandmaster swordsmen. 





Member Status












Toshimori Kirisaki Alive Konohagakure Land of Fire Kaneshiro Krieg
Toshimori Kirisaki1

Before defecting

Toshimori Kirisaki2

After defecting

Kaneshiro Krieg Alive Hinotegakure Land of Fire Toshimori Kirisaki
Kaneshiro Krieg
Kuro Kuroobi Alive Iwagakure Land of Earth Mohji Mohmoo
Kuro Kuroobi
Mohji Mohmoo Alive Sangakuchigakure Land of Earth Kuro Kuroobi
Mohji Mohmoo
Morgan Nezumi Alive Kumogakure Land of Lightning Pearl Pisaro
Morgan Nezumi
Pearl Pisaro Alive Takigakure Land of Lightning Morgan Nezumi
Pearl Pisaro
Richie Shioyaki Alive Kirigakure Land of Water Take Tashigi
Richie Shioyaki
Take Tashigi Alive Amegakure Land of Water Richie Shioyaki
Take Tashigi
Kokoro Kokorozashi Alive Haganegakure Land of Iron Daruma Dosun
Daruma Dosun Alive Tetsugakure Land of Iron Kokoro Kokorozashi
Daruma Dosun
Demaro Black Alive Sunagakure Land of Wind Ikaros Much
Demaro Black
Ikaros Much Alive Taifugakure Land of Wind Demaro Black
Ikaros Much
Hammond Harisenbon Alive Hoshigakure Land of Bears Hyousou Kasagoba
Hammond Harisenbon
Hyousou Kasagoba Alive Nanpagakure Land of Bears Hammond Harisenbon
Hyousou Kasagoba
Manjaro Mounblutaine Alive Sobayagakure Land of Noodles Pekoms Sancrin
Manjaro Maunblutaine
Pekoms Sancrin Alive Shirugakure Land of Noodles Manjaro Mounblutaine
Pikoms Sancrin
Orochimaru Alive Otogakure Land of Sound Surume Sentomaru
Surume Sentomaru Alive Yumegakure Land of Sound Orochimaru
Surume Sentomaru
Tamago Turco Alive N/A Land of Waves Wadatsume Zeo
Tamago Turco
Wadatsume Zeo Alive N/A Land of Whirlpools Tamago Turco
Wadatsume Zeo
Bastille Buffalow Alive Junkagakure Land of Purification Chinjao Hajudin
Bastille Buffalow
Chinjao Hajudin Alive Inukagakure Land of Wolves Bastille Buffalow
Chinjao Hadujin
Kaido Jora Alive Koyoogakure Land of Wolves Sai Sakazuki
Kaido Jora
Sai Sakazuki Alive Yukigakure Land of Snow Kaido Jora
Sai Sakizuka
Trefol Vergo Alive Moufubukigakure Land of Snow Monet Pica
Trefol Vergo
Monet Pica Alive Soragakure Land of Sky Drefol Vergo
Monet Pica
Fen Bock Ali8ve Torigakure Land of Birds Dellinger Chappe
Fen Bock
Dellinger Chappe Alive Takagakure Land of Birds Fen Bock
Dellinger Chappe
Charlotte Linlin Alive Akumagakure Land of Demons Diamante Kyuin
Charlotte Linlin
Diamante Kyuin Alive Kibagakure Land of Fangs Charlotte Linlin
Diamante Kyuin
Issho Burgess Alive Morigakure Land of Forests Hotori Hewitt
Issho Burgess
Hotori Hewitt Alive Numagakure Land of Swamps Issho Burgess
Hitori Hewitt
Shura Shoujou Alive Mitsugakure Land of Honey Kotori "Getsu" Mani
Shura Shoujou
Kotori "Getsu" Mani Alive Getsugakure Land of Moon Shura Shoujou
Kotori 'Getsu' Mani
Satori Skaries Alive Dotamadaifukugakure Land of Bean Jam Van Aurger
Satori Skarie
Van Aurger Alive Shimogakure Land of Frost Satori Skaries
Van Aurger
Yama Nola Alive Yugakure Land of Hot Water Masira Muret
Yama Nola
Masira Muret Alive Umigakure Land of the Sea Yama Nola
Masira Muret
Enel Fuza Alive Kasengakure Land of Rivers Gedatsu Ohm
Enel Fuza
Gedatsu Ohm Alive Kubigakure Land of Neck Enel Fuza
Gedatsu Ohm
Aphelandra Bacura Alive Kokkoengakure Land of Keys Avalo Pizarro
Aphelandra Bacura
Avalo Pizarro Alive

Jōmae Village

Land of Keys Aphelandra Becura
Avalo Pizarro
Gekko Moriah Alive Sangakugakure Land of Mountains Gyaro Hannibal
Gekko Moriah
Gyaro Hanniabal Alive Kagero Village Land of Moountains Gekko Moriah
Gyaro Hanniabal
John Giant Alive Ishigakure Land of Stone Laffitte Comil
John Giant
Laffitte Comil Alive Chagakure Land of Tea John Giant
Laffitte Comil
Borsalino Charloss Alive Kogakure Land of This Coby Cosmos
Borsalino Charloss
Coby Cosmos Alive Kagakure Land of That Borsalino Charloss
Coby Cosmos
Catarina Devon Alive Tanimagakure Land of Valleys Sphinx Stainless
Catarina Devon
Sphinx Stainless Alive Nagakure Land of Vegetables Catarina Devon
Sphinx Stainless
Sancrin Saldeath Alive Hayashigakure Land of Woods Shsuke Kawakami
Sancrin Saldeath
Shuske Kawakami Alive Tanzaku Town Land of Fire Sancrin Saldeath
Shuske Kawakami


  • The name of this organization is an omage to a group of the same name from the anime and manga series Berserk led by Griffith. 

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