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Bado Clan
Name Bado Clan
Kanji バード
Rōmaji Bado
Literal English Bird Clan
Affiliation None


The Bado Clan, or Bird Clan is a clan that was established in between Kusagakue, Takigakure, and Konohagakure. The clan has no kekkei genkai, but they do have a Hiden, and their Hiden has the abilities to control birds. All birds, from pigeons to vultures to hawks.

The birds all have Wind Release, with the exception of a few species of birds, but the clan are able to make the call upon the birds or summon them with just feathers. A clan member carries up to 1,000 to maybe even 10,000 feathers at a time but in order to summon the certain bird they want, they have to have the right feather for the bird though very few are able to just use random feathers to call upon birds.

Most of the time, clan members are born with Wind Release or Lightning Release and when they have both of them, then they can control bigger birds the size of dragons. Some clan members are able to grow wings and retract them at any time, and of course the wings aren't for show, they can fly. If they learn, they can do a technique where they shoot feathers from their wigs that pierce things.

Then some clan members have retractable wings, they get those wings when a special bird they have dies. Before the bird dies, they take its wings off and put them on the person who was able to summon the bird and the bird is always a species unknown outside of the clan. The clan believes that there are some type of bird sages and that the come from some type of mountain. The clan has yet to find this mountain or the place where this bird comes from.

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