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Ayaka Haruno
Name Ayaka Haruno
Kanji 春野 彩花
Romanji Haruno Ayaka
Personal Status
Birthdate GeminiJune 8th
Age 14
Gender FemaleIconFemale
Height 170cm
Weight 54kg
Blood Type A
Hometown Konohagakure SymbolKonohagakure
Home Country 120px-Land of Fire Symbol.svgLand of Fire
Team Team 20
Partner Shinryū Hyūga
Family Sakura Haruno (cousin)
Rank Genin
Ninja Registration 231284
Academy Grad. Age 11
Nature Type Nature Icon WindWind Release
Jutsu Shadow Clone Technique
Body Replacement Technique
Transformation Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Weapons Kunai (x5)
Katana (x1)
Shuriken (x10)
Explosive Tags (x3)

Ayaka Haruno is a genin-level kunoichi from Konohagakure's Team 20. She has a crush on Kairu.


Ayaka was born as a cousin of Sakura Haruno in the Haruno family. Nothing major happened in her life, and up until she started training at the Academy, she lived a normal life.


When she is talking to her friends, she often acts up with a "cute" personality, she always acts kind to her friends and helps them out when they need it.

However, she changes while in battle and would try o draw the most blood out of their opponents than everyone else.



Ayaka isn't very good in Taijutsu, and she didn't want to train in it as she was female; which was unlikely compared to her cousin, where Taijutsu was one of Sakura's greatest feats.






Nature TransformationEdit


  • Ayaka (彩花) means color (彩; Aya) and flower (花; Ka).

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