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Atsuki is a highly used puppet of Gorou which specializes in Taijutsu and takes the form of a Human. Her body is made nearly as strong as the puppet Arata's body and because of this, most opponents do not even damage her however, the really strong ones can often leave her in need of major repairs. This is because she is his first line of attack and defense but the main reason she doesn't take much damage is not just her tough body but her incredible speed which is somewhat less than that of Arata's. In terms of offensive strength, the toughness of her body allows her to do serious damage to any enemy she hits and when not playing the part of a Human, Gorou can extend her limbs to increase the range of her attacks by an extra seven meters without exposing the inside. This is used quite often because she doesn't use weapons and because she is often found out to be a puppet despite her carefully built interior. In short, her offensive and defensive abilities are twice that of a normal Jonin.

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