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Artificial Shinobi Association
Name Artificial Shinobi Association
Team Information
Leaders Shoyo Aburame(Former)
Kokuhyo Nara(Current)
Affiliations Themselves

The Artifical Shinobi Association, or the ASA, was a secret society that existed during the First Great Shinobi World War, led by Shoyo Aburame.  It was created by him in an attempt to create more willing Shinobi that could fight in the war.  Out of the ten thousand total test subjects that they had, only ten of them survived, becoming ten of the most powerful Shinobi in history.  After the war, due to the unorthodox methods used in the association, Shoyo decided to disband it.  Years later the associatiosn most prominent test subject, Kokuhyo Nara, started it back up again in secret to gain more forced followers for himself. 

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