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Arhat Fist
Jirōbō Cursed Seal Lv 2
Name Arhat Fist
Kanji 羅漢拳
Literal English Arhat Fist
Other Name(s) Crushing Palm
Rank C
Hand Seals None
Range All-Ranges
Type Offensive,
Classification Taijutsu
Fighting Style
Chakra Nature None
User(s) Bourei

This style of combat focuses on simple physical attacks such as palm strikes, shoulder thrusts, knee strikes, and punches augmented with Jirōbō's incredible strength. Jirōbō can easily defeat an opponent with one or two blows. The strength of his attacks is greatly increased when his cursed seal is active. For example, in his Cursed Seal Level One, he managed to strike back Chōji Akimichi who was using his[Spiked Human Bullet Tank with just one blow.

Moves Edit

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