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Puppet Arata
Name Puppet Arata
User(s) Gorou


Probably the second most important puppet Gorou owns, Arata is puppet that doesn't do combat at all but specializes in the repair of other puppets therefore, Gorou goes through extensive lengths to keep him out of the fights. He keeps most of his tools within his body which is specially made to be much tougher than any other puppet but light enough to quickly get out of the way of most attacks. That is, techniques which specialize in speed such as the teleportation jutsu and the Lightning Release Armour or shinobi whose bodies have been honed so much, their speed is beyond average of even a Jonin cannot be blocked or dodged. But when he does have to fight, he uses his lightning fast speed to overwhelm his opponents though Arata fighting is quite rare. He also has a small number of shuriken and kunai he can pull out that appear as if they came from thin air as well as a short sword. Unlike Aimi , he does not have to maintain the illusion of being Human all the time and usually appears as a puppet when he needs to repair another puppet however, he is built similarly to Aimi and can and often does maintain the illusion of being Human for secret repairs of damaged puppets.

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