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Stepping off the ship and onto the soil of Uzushiogakure was a young man who appeared to be roughly fourteen though without asking him or having some information on him, it is hard to truly know. Besides an odd haircut that resembels one of the common hair styles of the Uchiha clan, the young man appeared to be nothing more than a common traveler if you go by his cloths and pack alone. As he stepped off the ship, his legs started to wobble uncontrollable under him, making walking nearly impossible and as a side effect, he started to become dizzy, falling to his knees. As he tried to get up, he fell to the ground, lying there on his stomache dizzier than if he had been spinning rapidly for ten minutes. It was the effects of being at sea for so long however, as the world spinned around him, the young traveler could just make out the ruins of the village and the barren land around it.  Behind him, the crew of the ship laughed in amusement and as they did, the captain disembarked and helped the young man into a sitting position, explaining why he was experiencing the dizzyness and assuring him it wouldn't last long. When the dizzyness stopped a few minutes later, the traveler got onto his feet slowly and thanked the crew for ferrying him then turned his back on the ship walked into the ruins.

"(hiss).......(hiss)." A snake goes in a cave just on the outskirts of Konohagakure. "Well, your back already with a body for my experiments huh?" A man says who was leaning up against the wall of the cave. The snake was bigger then a human as it arched back and spat out the body of a man with a Konoha headband. "Ohh, look at you, you got someone from Konoha, your getting good I see my precious baby." The man says as he pulls out a scroll and seals the body in it. "I wonder what kind of things are in his body that I can use." The man says to himself. He then walks to the entrance of the cave where the sun was shining and he looks at Konoha which was a few miles away. "I wonder if they have an Uchiha, thats the thing I have been dying to get my hands on." The man says as he hops out of the cave and starts walking towards the wall of Konoha, "I guess its time for me to see for myself if they have an Uchiha here, I'm sure there are some here that are just hiding." The man says as he snake goes in his coat and is not seen, as if he disappeared.

Looking around a bit, the young man remembered the stories he was told of the great Uzushiogakure village and the Uzumaki clan that lived there and instantly, his heart was filled was sorrow. Finally, he was unable to bear the sorrow any longer and moved on, heading out of the ruins and towards Konohagakure, unaware of the dangers that he were about to face. As he stepped out of the ruins, he could hear in the distance the ship departing from the shore but he didn't look back, instead he continued forward and into the forest, eager to look upon the the village that started the shinobi system of the modern age.

As the man got closer to the wall, a on duty patrol officers from Konoha comes and stops him; followed by 2 other patrol officers. "Hey, your not suppose to be here, you have to go through the gate of the village." The first one says as he reaches in his back pocket, seeming to clinch on weapons, and the rest follow. "Oh really, well then take me there." The man says as he used his immense speed and bit the neck of the one in the middle while using his two free arms to grab the other two by the neck. Then the man injects a special venom into the man he bit, and the ones he held by the neck a snake slithers into their backs and bites them; also ejecting the special venom. "Take me to the village." The man says as the three ninja seemingly comply and takes him to the village's gate.

Sitting down to rest, the traveler looks in the direction hes going, thinking to himself "it's only a couple more miles, then I'll be able to learn what my parents would not tell me." As he rested, the young man rested, he looks around and noticed that the forest was more lively as you go away from the village but he thought nothing of it, contributing it to the animals' fear of the people of the village. A few minutes later, he got up and continued walking, making great time as he got to the village right before sunset. As he approached the gate, he was stopped by two guards and a shinobi hound who inquired what his business in the village is. The traveler greeted them with a smile and said "I came to learn it's history, I'm from very far away so I know little but however, I heard the village has many great clans residing in it and I wish to learn about them. Staring at him for a moment, the guards tried to tell if he was lying or not and was sure he was being sincer as the shinobi hound didn't react to the traveler so they waved him through with a "welcome to the village" and smiles on their faces but neither they nor the young man knew that he would have to deal with the barrier corps for setting off the alarm.

The Begining of Trouble

Behind the kid was the man and the three ninja he took over, as they got to the gate the guards stopped the three Konoha ninja and questioned the extra man. "Who is he." They ask. "This is Yaichi, he is Kirigakure's new military adviser, he wants to look at the academy students' training." The Konoha ninja says. "Hello." Yaichi says. With a smile on his face. The guards let him through and the other three ninja that was with Yaichi follow. Yaichi passes by the kid in front of him not knowing that he was an Uchiha.

True to his word, the young man made his way directly to the library, stopping to ask for directions only once on the way however, on his way, the traveler couldn't help but look in wonder at everything he saw, from the food stands to the houses to the people themselves, even passing a couple Chunin who were awaiting their next mission. When he got there, rather than going in immediately, the young traveler stopped in front and looked up at the building with a smile, excited about being there and eager to learn as much as he could from the library. Taking a deep breath, he looked ahead and stepped into the library, overwhelmed by how big it was and how many books there were. Not knowing where to start, the young man walked around aimlessly, looking at all the shelves in search of a good book.

Inside the village instead of Yaichi and the other ninja going to the academy, Yaichi lead them to this discrete place and summoned three snake to swallow all three shinobi. "That's three more test experiments." Yaichi says to himself. He then lets out a few small and discrete snakes that no one would notice and says to them, "Go get me some information. He went to several different locations around the village and did the same thing, letting out a few snakes small enough to not be seen to rom the village and find info. He then goes to a Hotel and checks in there for however long he needed to stay in the Leaf to find an Uchiha he could capture. In the hotel room, for extra precaution he even lets out a huge human-sized snake and lets it stay in the ceiling. He then plops down on his bed in a tired manner although not, and closes his eyes.

After a while of looking around and reading several book, the young traveler noticed it was starting to get dark and realized that he has neither eaten nor checked into a hotel so reluctantly, he put the books away and left, making his way to the numerous food stands, just barley making it in time to get something from them. On his way to a hotel he had noticed on his way to the library, three members of the barrier corps finally mananged to caught up to him and stood roughly five feet behind him but the young man was not ignorant of his surroundings, he could sense the barrier corps' presence nearly immediately and stopped in place. Without looking behind him he said "Yes? Is something wrong?" There was an awkward silence for about two minutes before the leader of the group stepped forward a couple steps and said "Who are you, and what is it you are doing in our village?" Sighing, the young traveler said in reply "You have neither the presence of the ANBU Blackops nor the police force, that must mean you are with the barrier corps." The three barrier corps ninja were surprised to say the very least but they quickly recovered and the leader said "Yes, now answer my question." In reply the traveler said "Actually, that is two questions but I'll let that slide but what I am doing here is just what I said to the entrance guards, I'm here studying the village and the clans that dwell and has dwelled here. As for my name, it's Daichi."

Yaichi could hear something outside, it sounded something like a little altercation. Yaichi looks out of his window and sees Barrier Corps member and a kid that seemed to be at least 16. "Wonder what they'er talking about." Yaichi says as he rolls back over in his bed and simply ignores the conversation. But he picks up a few words they were saying and smiles at what the kid says, "Hmm, he has a little smart mouth." Yaichi says to himself as he then snaps his finger and has a snake comes from under his bed and onto his chest. "After that little argument down there, go and take control of one of the barrier ninja, bring him to me so if I want to come back to the village and sight see later on." The snake the slithered out of the window and started towards the ninja.

Although not happy about the way Daichi replied, the barrier corps had no choice but to put aside their feelings and confirm what he said. After a brief exchange of nods, one left for the library while another left to confirm what Daichi claimed to say to the gate guards, leaving the traveler Daichi alone with the leader. As the snake approached, the young traveler could sense it but there was nothing he could do, if he drew attention to himself as a shinobi then that would arouse suspicion and put him in jepardy on the other hand, he couldn't let the man get hurt or worst. He struggled with a decision until it was no longer his to make for the barrier corps ninja that had left for the library had returned just in time to notice the snake and stop it using a barrier before it could reach the leader. Both Daichi and the leader of the three were surprised by the sudden use of a barrier. In response, they both jumped back a few feet encase it broke loose. Daichi knew that he could only use his martial arts skills but whether or not that would work against a small snake was uncertain at best. Moments later, the third member of the squad appeared, surprised to say the least but not overwhelmed by it. Both ninja confirmed what Daichi said and Daichi sighed silently. Inside the barrier, the snake was restless as it desired to fulfill it's mission, looking for a way out. Watching the snake, the head of the squad said without taking his eyes off the snake "It seems you were telling the truth however, most don't set off the barrier so while you are free to go, our shinobi will be keeping an eye on you." Grateful, Daichi nodded and turned in the direction of the hotel but instead of going in, he bypassed it altogether, going to the other side of the village where he checked into a hotel, his thoughts still on that odd snake. Daichi went up to his room, ate then showered and dressed before getting into bed, nodding off with an odd feeling he couldn't quite place.

Yaichi notices that his snake was caught from out the window, and he knew if he didn't get his snake back there could be trouble. Yaichi knew that the barrier corps ninja would probably inspect the snake if they had suspected it, and with the leaf's former feud with Orochimaru, this was highly possible. Also if Yaichi was to just force it back to it home, they of course they would suspect that something was wrong. So he hand no choice but to go down there, when he got down there he talked to the barried corps ninja, "Hey, sorry about that, but that snake in the barrier is mine." Yaichi says scratching the back of his head, smiling. The barrier corps ninja reply saying, "Why do you have a snake roaming around the village, and who are you?" one of them ask. "I have an affiliation with snakes, it may seem that I'm possibly with Orochimaru since this village has had their troubles with him, but I assure I have no affiliation with him, I just simply have snakes as a primary means of battle. And as for who I am, I am a military adviser from the Mist, I was escorted by three other ninja into the village, I'm sure you picked my presence up." Yaichi says as the barrier ninja whisper among themselves. "Ahh, yes, we did pick you up, well ok sorry about that, here is your snake." One of the ninja say picking up the snake which was encased by a barrier and hands it to Yaichi while disabling the barrier. "Thank you." Yaichi says as the snake scurries up his sleeve, Yaichi then walks away from the ninja.

The next morning, Daichi woke up as the sun started to rise and dragged himself out of his warm and comfy bed, heading downstairs to get the breakfast the inn serves but as they were only jutst starting to make it for the early risers so when he sat down in the dining room, they were surprised to say the least but got over it quickly and started to engage him in conversation. "Good morning! It's unusual to say the least to see a traveler be up so early." the chef said. Daichi yawned and replied "I've been getting up and going to sleep with the sun my whole life, something I suppose most people have forsaken these days though I would wager there are still a few such people left." The cooks smiled and one of them replied "Some shinobi rise at first light for early morning training and jobs like this one require being up even earlier but most travelers don't wake until after the sun is up, or so I have heard." Yawning again, Daichi didn't even reply, he didn't want to spread too much information about himself, even giving his real name was a bad idea he realized as he thought about it in a village like this, no, a world like this, the moment you're real name get's loose, everyone knows it and you can't go by an alias anymore. Frowning, he got up and walked to the side of the room where there was nothing and started stretching to keep himself awake and to wake himself up the rest of the way. As he finished, the cooks finished some of the food they were preparing and brought it to his table. Daichi turned to the cook who brought the food and thanked them for it then walked back to his table and sat down, ready to eat.

Yaichi was still in his hotel, he didn't sleep at all the whole night as he was working on the ninja he had caught; gaining information and other things. On the break of dawn, he thought to himself, "In less than a week they will wonder where these few ninja I took are, maybe in a few days." Yaichi says as he seals one of the ninja up in his scroll. He then summons back his snakes he sent throughout the village back into his room, and summons a few more. "I need you all to find that kid that came here to the village the same time as me, in a few days they will suspect why their ninja haven't come back, so we need to frame this kid." Yaichi describes his tone of voice from what he heard from the conversation last night. "His name starts with a D, its Dai something, I couldn't pick up his whole name, but he isn't from this village." Yaichi describes what the kid looked liked from what he remembered and he sent all of his snakes off in different directions to find this kid. Then he simply plopped back down on his bed, looking at the ceiling.

On the other side of town, Daichi had just finished his food and thanked the staff, getting up and bringing his plate to them. They thanked him and he smiled in return then left the hotel and headed for the library however, he quickly became aware of the snakes and sensed they were of the same type as that one he encountered yesterday. He couldn't tell what their intention is however, he knew that he should stay out of their way and that they were up to no good so Daichi took many detours to avoid being detected but instead of going to the library where he knew he would easily be cornered if the snakes as he thought they may be are after him, he quickly located the guard room and headed there, bursting in as they were conducting a meeting, surprising the Jonin gathered there. He didn't hesitate, Daichi told them about the numerous odd snakes roaming the village and the encounter with one las night. Since snakes were affiliated with Orochimaru and his status being unknown, the Jonin thought that he may have returned so they wasted no time and headed out individually throughout the village in search for the snakes and their master and Daichi left as well but instead of searching for their master, he decided to cloak himself as best he could be suppressing his chakra as skillfully as he could. Then, he slipped into the abandoned Uchiha compound unnoticed, masking his trail with the scent of tree leaves and flowers. As he walked through, he felt a bit of uneasyness about him for this was the home of the Uchiha, who knows what could have been left behind from the massacre so he dared not enter a building until he thoroughly searched the outside of it and it's surroundings then proceeded in with caution until he came upon a big house where he settled in for a while.

A snake then comes back to Yaichi's room informing him of the situation at hand. Daichi might of tried his best to avoid the snakes, but as easily as he could sense them, the same went for the snakes. Snakes could sense body heat and they could sense that one person not mixing in with the crowd which was Daichi. So some snakes followed Daichi while some still stayed back, the snake that was in Yaichi's room communicated the situation and Yaichi took action. He started to put on his ninja gear when two more snakes returned, one snake communicated to Yaichi about the awareness of the jonin shinobi, while the other reported about where Daichi went to. When Yaichi received this info he went to where Daichi was also alerting his snakes to boarder off the Uchiha compound and make sure the weren't noticed; and they did just that. Yaichi secretively went to the compound as well it didn't take much as the village were looking for snakes. Yaichi still kept a few snakes away from where he was headed to, ;Yaichi even decided to put on one of the headbands of the leaf shinobi he took. A few minutes later, he got to the entrance of the Uchiha Compound. "Hmmm, you maybe a traveler, but why are you here?" Yaichi asks himself as he walks into the compound.

The Snake Sage VS The Mysterious Traveler!

In the old home of the Uchiha head family, Daichi smiled and said to himself "Idiot, I had a feeling you would come after me, call it a preminiton or what not, it makes no difference but that is why I took certain.....precautions." As he said that, a dozen or so Jonin were making their way to the compound, alerted that the master of the snakes was headed there by a small boy who allegidly saw him going that way. But what no one noticed is that after he reported what he saw, the kid simple vanished into thin air, as if he never existed in the first place. Moments later, countless explosive tags went off all around the compound, damaging a few building but none of which collapsed from it. These explosions alerted the rest of the Leaf shinobi and they rushed to follow their comrades to the Uchiha compound. Yawning as he was still a bit tired, Daichi stretched a little and he could faintly smell his scent mixed in with the scent of the house. His scent quickly disappeared though  but Daichi was no fool, he knew that the snakes also saw with their heat perception, having much first hand experience himself with different types of snakes which is why he took the time to spread his body heat around the compound, to confuse the snakes long enough for the shinobi of the village to get here and arrest his mystery pursuer.

"Hmm, I can sense more shinobi coming, this should be fun." Yaichi says as he releases hundreds of little seemingly harmless grass snakes out of his sleeve and out towards the outskirts of the Uchiha Compound. "They will take care of the incoming shinobi." Yaichi says as he then bites his thumb as he reaches the center of the compound. "Three should be more than enough." He extends as he slams his hand into the ground and summons 3 very large cobras to the field, the cobras were at least 3 times bigger than the average human. To make matters worst, they all directly from Ryūchi Cave and were in Sage Mode. Being in sage mode, they could sense the chakra signatures around him and once they found Daichi's one of the snakes goes after him while the other two stay by Yaichi's side. As the incoming shinobi came in, the small snakes Yaichi released latched on to nearly half of the shinobi and took control of their body. Before even one of the shinobi could reach the entrance they were fighting each other. "Kid, I think I figured you out, you come here to read up on things, and come to the Uchiha compound. But what really reassured me was the way you handled those paper bombs, you tried to make sure non of the buildings were seriously damaged. Hmm, YOUR AN UCHIHA HUH???" Yaichi screams out weaving a few hand seals. "I think I will damage the village a little as well before I leave."

Before Daichi could respond, the shinobi who were not affected by the snakes attacked their possessed comrades and the snakes with a great number of shuriken, paper bombs, kunai and countless techniques, killing a majority of the small snakes and all the possessed shinobi before they could attack. This was thanks to quick reflexes and great teamwork on the part of the Konohagakure shinobi. As the battle continued, more and more shinobi joined the battle until the snakes were fighting in uphill battle they coul not win. Seeing as the cobra had found him, Daichi easy escaped onto the rooftop of a nearby house while the cobra was launching itself at the other building and just in time was able to blow it away with his Wind Release Stream, using significantly more than the default power due to his opponent's size and right into the other two cobra. Facing Yaichi and the snakes Daichi smiled and said "The only reason I spared the buildings was because it is unnecessary and rude to those who use to live here, nothing more. My last name is Michuri, not Uchiha and I'm glad it is, the Uchiha were a cursed clan who were wiped out by one of their own, only those descendant of Sasuke Uchiha are left as he was the only one who survived so it's impossible for me to be an Uchiha. So go ahead and destroy this place, it makes little difference to me but after you waste you're time and chakra, I'll be ready to defeat you."

The snake was blown back, but the other two other snakes simply move out of the way, the snake that was blown away recovers and rejoins Yaichi and his other snake companions. "Defeat Me???? Right, you're trying to make me laugh. As for you not being an Uchiha, after I capture your body we will see about that." Yaichi then throws a string of kunai at Daichi and some with explosive tags attached to them. He sends in one of his snakes in towards Daichi. Not impressed by his enemy's attack, Daichi does a backflip, going above the kunai and onto the house behind him however, as he was moving, he got nearly in range of the paper bombs and seeing the tags, he used Wind Release Stream once again to blow them away. "I don't need to be an Uchiha to beat you and I won't die today, you can count on that." As he finished speaking, the leaf ninja finished off the small snakes and the possessed shinobi then started a barrage of attacks on the two snakes beside Yaichi, diverting the snakes' attention to the leaf shinobi. Daichi then made three clones of himself and had them split up to other houses to confuse the approaching snake. As soon as Yaichi does Wind Release Stream, Yaichi blows the paper tags up which would caused a fire to spark and spread through the wind stream and onto Daichi's face. "Handle those shinobi incoming." Yaichi says as his snakes take off towards the ninja, the snakes turn their skin into a hard substance and block the barrage of attacks and counter attacks hitting some of the shinobi and killing them. As for Daichi, he would have to worry about the fire that would be on his face. The snake that went towards Daichi makes its move by striking towards Daichi at a very high rate of speed. The snake could tell who was the real Daichi as the clone technique's clone didn't have shadows.

Before the paper bombs could go off, the wind from Daichi's technique had already sent it flying back several feet, granting him just enough time to end the technique before the fire could lead back to him and moved to a nearby house. Meanwhile the shinobi of the leaf were having a hard time with the cobra however, one of them was familiar with hardening techniques and instructed them to attack the eyes and the inside of the snake's noise as those wouldn't be hardened. Kunai, shuriken and a several ninjutsu techniques were directed at those places, rendering the snake blind and without their sense of smell as it was too slow to counter in time. The fire from the explosion didn't get far so it didn't damage anything but the explosion itself did a little damage but not much to it's surrounding enviornment. Luckily for Daichi, the snake's speed made it unable to turn in time to strike where he was actually at and forcing the snake to damage the building instead of hurting or killing Daichi. As the snake lands it's blow on the house, it is hit with the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, causing it to catch on fire. While the snakes may of been blinded, they still had their sense of thermoception, and using that they were still able to fight taking down a substantial amount of shinobi and even push them back a little. The snake that was caught on fire by Daichi's Fireball technique retreated back to Yaichi where he used water to douse the flames on the snake. "Stay back, I will handle him now, go help the other snakes." He said as the snake went to go help. Yaichi then dashes off towards Daichi to confront him head on. 

The battle between the shinobi and the snakes originally sent to combat them ended as Yaichi charged at the young traveler. While most of the shinobi somehow managed to survive, most had multiple bite marks and marks that look as if something metal quickly rubbed across their skin on many parts of their body while the snakes were bleeding from the inside out and some were even cut in half from the inside. But as the two new snakes approached, they sighed and got ready for battle, sending another barrage of attacks the moment everyone was ready. But weary from their earlier battle, these shinobi had a much tougher time fighting the snakes. Meanwhile, Daichi threw down a few smoke bombs and made a shadow clone, hiding among the other houses while being cautious to hide his scent then, the clone throws what is left of his throwing weapons and jumps to the side, drawing his Katana and waiting to charge his foe.

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