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Having stepped off the boat only moments before, Daichi Uchiha looked around with wonder, taking in everything he saw with excitment. He looked around the area until he came to the old Uzumaki ruins where he felt great sorrow as he remembered what his parents had said about this village. Taking a moment of silence as a tribute him, he also bowed as a sign of respect, maintaining it for several moments before casually looking around.

"You know, I think we need an Uchiha in our group Moyasu." Ritoru says. "Yeah maybe." Moyasu says as he then goes to his seat. "Yaichi, I looked into some things and I found out that its this Uchiha, but he doesn't seem like one from what I heard. I got a lead as well that he maybe on his way somewhere, but I have the info on the boat company that took him to his destination, you know what to do Yaichi." Moyasu says. "Sure I will try to persuade him." Yaichi says as he then takes off.

Finished looking around, Daichi heads north towards Konohagakure to see where his parents originated, understanding that if he was discovered as an Uchiha that he woud likely be put to death but he wanted to see it anyways. On the way, Daichi started to make his plan on how he would go about learning about the Uchiha who lived in the village.

Yaichi gets to the boating company and goes to the owner. Yaichi asks him about all his recent boating routs and the one that shows up was a trip to where Uzushiogakure once stood. So Yaichi heads off there on boat. "Hmm, what could he be at Uzushiogakure for?" Yaichi thinks to himself, the trip would be about a day so he prepares himself with a little meditation and also practicing on his clone technique.

Nearly at the border, Daichi stopped to take a breather but more than that, he got to work changing his appearance so he would seem less conspiculous when he actually get's there. He started with his hair, using his kunai to shorten his hair length and arrange his hair style in a less Uchiha like way. His clothing were already that of a traveler's clothing but he had to make them look a bit more worn than how fresh they currently are, using the flat of his kunai to wear out his clothes a bit.

Before Daichi left the island, his parents gave him the advice not to wear anything with the Uchiha insignia on it as they are a hunted clan so he checked his bag to make sure he had no such thing and when he was satisified there were none, he got up and continued on his way.

After a day, the boat gets to its destination, Yaichi gets off the boat, then walks along a path that had a sign that read: "Welcome to the Land of Waterpools. Yaichi looked at the map and saw that it was a hotel about a 2 miles away, so he then starts to travel there.

Approaching the gate into Konohagakure, he slowed down to greet the guards posted there. "Hello, how are you today?" he asked. The guards replied that they were doing good with a smile and after a moments pause they said "What's your business in the village?"

Smiling he said "I came to learn it's history, I heard about it but know very little. The most facinating thing to study would be the clans who live and have lived here, I know many great clans have occupied this city."

Saying nothing, the guards waved him through, seeing him as a simply traveler so they nor Daichi knew that he would set off the alarm in the barrier around Konohagakure so Daichi proceeded inside and looks around with wide eyes, taking in everything he saw.

Yaichi goes into the Hotel and asks them have they seen any travelers so far, the people reply yes, so Yaichi investigates where this Uchiha could be. They also told Yaichi that he was headed for Uzushiogakure, so he went there.

When he got there, he saw he saw the ruins of the former Uzushiogakure non the less, but he also saw footprints that were about a day old. Yaichi just missed the Uchiha, but he followed the footprints and saw that they were headed in the direction towards Konohagakure. Yaichi was not worried, he was a rogue ninja, but he didn't do anything bad yet, also he ventured to Konoha when he fought this Nara. So he knew that they kind of know who he was, well the Hokage at least. But what did pop in his mind is that he should avoid the Hokage since he is a rogue ninja and that the Hokage would nine times out of ten know by know.

Yaichi still travels along to Konaha to go and find this Uchiha.

Trouble In Konohagakure

After having wandered around for hours meeting the people and buying some of the goods with a little of the money his parents had given him, he sat down at the park and relaxed. It was then that the barrier corps finally caught up to him. Although he was not paying attention to his enviornment in general, he was still aware enough to notice but he acted casual as they approached. "Oh, hello. Is there something I can do for you?"

Yaichi gets to the gates of Konoha and the guards confront him and ask what is your business here, Yaichi replies, "I'm here to test out Ichiraku Ramen, I've heard about how good it was, so I wanted to test it out." Yaichi says smiling. The guards tell about how it is very good and they let him in. Yaichi then actually goes to Ichiraku Ramen and has about 3 bowls of Ramen, but while there, he sent out Snakes to go and find the Uchiha.

After he ate he went to several restaurants for questioning.

After spending twenty minutes talking to the Barrier Corps, Daichi was free to go however, he was monitoreed wherever he went by shinobi of the village which was not a problem for him, he was not there to hurt the village or it's inhabitants. Daichi went straight to the library and started researching the clans, both since settling in the village and as much as possible about before then. Surprisingly, he found the most information on the Uchiha and Senju rather than the lesser clans however, what he did find was not too much anyways. The history of both the Uchiha and Senju started with the legend of the Sage of The Six Paths from there, he went through hundred, even thousands of years of the to clans fighting each other until he got to more recent history and learned about Hashirama and Madara.

It facinated him how alike the two clans were when they were kids and yet, the two of them had the same dream and even when they suspected each other's surname, they continued to act normally until the event that drove a wedge between them. Daichi couldn't help but feel sad when he learned how the two friends turned enemies because of their families. For a breif time, he was overfilled with joy as he read about how the two worked together to form the village he was now in, Konohagakure but that soon ended with much sadness when it got to the part where Madara left and became bent on destroying the village.

After that, there was little other data on the Senju except that the only remaining member was Tsunade however, the date of when the book was written had been smudged out so he couldn't know if she was still around or not but the book did go on to talk about how the Uchiha became the primary military police of the village and were often recruited into ANBU Black Ops. This made Daichi somewhat proud to be an Uchiha however, he quickly learned that the main body of the clan here in Konohagakure was wwere wiped out by one of their own, an Uchiha named Itachi who joined a criminal organization called the Akatsuki who was later killed by his younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha and there ended the book.

Again, Daichi felt a hint of sadness as he read about two brothers fighting to the death and longed to know more about what happened to the younger brother but couldn't find any book about it and the staff seemed unwilling to help so he gave up and left. Thinking about what he read, Daichi was unsure of if he really wanted to know about the younger brother or not and was so caught up in it, he almost missed the hotel he had picked out earlier.

After going to the restaurants, he found out that a few people saw someone new in the village, but they didn't know where he was headed. So Yaichi sits in a diner and thinks about someone who could know where he possible was, so he goes to the guards at the gate. "So, how was Ichiraku Ramen?" the guard asks. "Great, I loved it, but I'm not done. Was there any other person that looked new that came through the gate?" Yaichi asks. "Why yes, but why do you want to know about him?" The guard asks. "Because he was a friend of mines that I was suppose to be meeting, we wanted to come and eat together and explore the village, but I think he got here before me so I don't know where he is or what he is wearing." Yaichi explains. "Oh well, the only person that was new that came through here wore worn out cloths and had short hair." the guard says.

"Thank you." Yaichi says as he goes back into the village. Yaichi notices it was getting late, so he goes to a villager and ask how many hotels there were in the village, the villager responds saying about 5 large hotels. Yaichi asks where they were in the village looking at a map, the villager tells him where they were and while the villager was telling him where they were, Yaichi was directing his snakes he sent out earlier to the locations of the hotels.

Yaichi then walks around the village and looks for the Uchiha, then something comes to mind, what if he leaves the village? Yaichi wouldn't know, so Yaichi sends another snake to the gate to hide, when someone leaves the snake would let Yaichi know. Yaichi then goes to one of the 5 hotels to book a room for the night.

Unknown to Yaichi, Daichi didn't feel too confortable in any of the inns he had checked out earlier in the day so when he went into one of the inns after coming from the library, he had asked for directions to the old Uchiha home on the outskirts of town as he felt that was where he should be while staying so he spent no more than a few minutes in the inn before departing for the Uchiha residence where he was guided by fate to the home of the head family and made himself at home.

Yaichi checks into the hotel and goes up to his room, after about 2 hours, he checks in on his snakes, and he learns that the snakes couldn't find anyone that matched Daichi's description. Yaichi then thinks about where to look now. He then decides to have the snakes just scout the whole village, except the one at the gate, even the abandoned parts of the village. Until the snakes pick up something, he just goes to sleep.

The next morning, Daici woke up and ate breakfast which was nothing specia, just some plain white rice and a bottled juice he had bought in town. When he was done eating, he decided to take a proper tour of the Uchiha residence area, coming up with a hundred different ideas of how they could have lived and what they were like when they were alive though none were very close to the truth.

Yaichi wakes up at about 11 o'clock in thee morning to find that his snakes have returned. One of the snakes picked up a heat signature near where the Uchiha live, the snake didn't know if it was Daichi, but Yaichi just goes ahead and checks it out. On his way to the Uchiha compound, he picks up some breakfast.

Almost done with his tour, Daichi's thoughts turned back towards the village and after thinking about it for a few minutes, he decided to return to the village when his tour was done to research more about the Uchiha and the village's history in general. 

Yaichi gets to the Uchiha compound and uses his snakes see if the heat signature was still there, and it was. So Yaichi, goes into the compound with stealth, having the snake guide him until he was at the heat signature, Yaichi then says, "So, Uchiha, I finally found you huh?"

Turning around Daichi said "I don't know what your talking about, I am no more an Uchiha than those snakes of yours are so I think you have been misinformed." He then gives a smile and waits for the other guy's reply.

"Well you fit the description of the guy, and who else would be in an Uchiha compound other than and Uchiha, anyone else would just go to the library to learn their history, so what is your name?" Yaichi says.

"I did go to the library, I couldn't find too much on them and figured I could find some clues on them here since this is where they lived, not an unreasonable assumption actually."

"Ehh, maybe not, but I'm taking you with me on the assumption that you are an Uchiha, and again, what is your name?" Yaichi says putting his arms to his side.

"Daichi and if you think you can take my anywhere easily, then you obviously have no idea who you are dealing with so I warn you, back off now and let me be." He said, his smile completely gone, replaced by a look of absolute seriousness.

"Hm, you have no idea who your dealing with, but I really don't feel like fighting in this village, we would both be in trouble, so you can either come with me and not deal with any of this. Or you can be stubborn and I can make you come with me, but the village will be alerted and well I can escape, but I don't know about you." Yaichi says as his arm sleeves started to move.

Before the stranger could make his move, Daichi used Wind Release Stream to blow up a cloud of dust then created several clones which is scattered in every direction while the original heads towards the village. The clones run to various points across the village, ready to ambush the stranger when he attempts to confront him.

"Hmm, wanna do that huh, well I'm just going to think smart." Yaichi goes to the one of the guards at the gates, but before he does that he uses a transformation technique to make it look like he was badly hurt, he goes to the guard and says, "Hey.....Hey.. My friend, he is an Uchiha, when I found out he was one, he attacked me, he said he was going to kill the Hokage." Without hesitation, the guard alerts the Hokage and the village.

Hearing the commotion on his way to the village, Daichi realized what must have accured and cursed silently to himself then smiled, realizing that he could play the game better. He quicky sent word to his clones to gather in the center of the Uchiha neighborhood then, he used the rest of his chakra to make many more clones so only the clones had chakra. With that done, he ordered them to attack him with everything they had until they used up all their chakra.

Yaichi sits at the gate, and gathers up Senjutsu chakra, to see what was going on. He notices the same chakra in the middle of the Uchiha neighborhood. He then notices that they were attacking one of the chakra signatures. He figured that the one being attacked was Daichi, so he lets it keep on happening until Daichi's chakra level was low, and he was beaten to a pulp. But before that happens, he sends a snake to where Daichi was, big enough to swallow him, then Yaichi waits.

As he got beaten up by his clones, Daichi felt a chill run down his spine but not only did it run down his spine, but that of the his clones as well, halting them all in their tracks. With a silent agreement, Daichi switched places with one of his clones. Luckily, he had not been beaten enough yet to show physical signs so he and the clones started to attack the clone who took his place, making sure he was so badly injured that when he was found by the Konohagakure shinobi he would be immediately rushed to the hospital with confusion.

Once that was done, the clones released themselves with the exception of the beaten up one while the original transformed into a shinobi hound and started howling like crazy to alert the village shinobi. Upon hearing the howls, several shinobi rushed towards the source, faster than the approaching snake could move.

The snakes gets to where Daichi was, but finds several shinobi there. The snakes then comes out of the open and the shinobi attack, but the snake used Sage Art: Scale Covering to protect its self from the attacks, then it uses Sage Art: Strike of the Cobra killing all the shinobi in an instant. It then tries to locate Daichi.

The Uchiha in question had left the area as soon as the snake came into view, leaving behind the injured clone where it was beaten up and heads to the village, tearing and wrinkling his clothes along he way as well as well as using his kunai to put several injuries all over himself, mostly minor but a few serious injuries then discarded the weapon and kept going, nearly there.

"Do I have to destroy this whole village just to find him, this is very annoying." Yaichi says as he gets out of sage mode for now. "I really don't want to summon those 2 here, hmmm." Yaichi then summons more snakes to go and find Daichi, though keeping some around himself to keep watch.

Now in the village, he comes across some Jonin who were relaxing after a mission and approached them, stumbling forward with an expression of exhaughtion and pretending his pain was worst than it was and said faintly "Help me, I was attacked by." then collapsed out of real phsyical pain and exhaughtion right in front of them.

Concerned, the shinobi rushed him to the hospital where he was put in a room and examinations of what is wrong with him started. Daichi was semi contious and was glad things were going as he had planned but concerned still about the mystery man, he further exhaughted himself and fell totally uncontious.

"If he was beating self up, I beat that he is going to go find some people to help him. And with the way that peoples minds are, I bet that most likely they will take him to the hospital, but some people will just keep him at their house and tend to his wounds. What should I do?" Yaichi questions himself. Yaichi decides to send some of the snakes he summoned to the hospital, while the rest continue to look around, and Yaichi just sits in the same spot.

As the snakes were searching for him, two Jonin entered his room and sat down by the bed, assigned to the task of protecting him by the Hokage so that they may understand what is going on when he becomes conscious once more however, they also felt sorry for him due to such severe injuries though they don't know only a clone resides in the bed while the actual person resides nearby, waiting for his opportunity.

The clone wakes up as the two sit down and turns to face the shinobi, smiling a friendly smile. They returned the smile and as he attempted to sit up, one of them got up quickly and stopped his movement by placing his hand on the clone's chest with some pressure as the clone was trying to sit up too fast.

When the shinobi put his hand on the clone chest he said what is always said in that situation "Slowly, slowly."

Daichi continued to rise to a sitting position much slower until he was erect then the shinobi moved back to his seat and sat down. His partner has been watching the whole time and was curious about this stranger so he asked "What happened, we were only told you had shown up in the village in needing help."

Smiling, Daichi turned and said "I was attacked by a man who used white snakes as summoning familiars and I barley escaped his grasp." "But what did he want?" Asked the first shinobi. "He wanted to capture me, for what he didn't say but he was relentless and it took everything I had to simply survive his onslaught."

Daichi was not being entirely truthful as he didn't sufer as badly from the battle as he claimed however, it was true that his enemy was relentless and it did take everything Daichi had. Daichi sensed that he had the shinobi's sympathy. The second one asked "Where were you when you were attacked, no one spotted you leaving the village and we know you had been here yesterday." Still smiling though a little sadly, he explained how he wanted to check out the Uchiha residence area and had to make camp there.

Neither shinobi saw anything odd in that and nodded their head in understandment then the first shinobi said "Do you remember what he looked like or if he had a particular odor?" Thinking for a minute, Daichi recounted what he could remember of the guy's appearance. The two looked at each other and explained that they heard a person with that description mak a report of being attacked by an Uchiha who the stranger claimed was Daichi.

As they continued to talk, the two shinobi learned a little about Daichi though he made sure to reveal nothing sensitive and he learned a bit about them and the village as they had nothing better to do than talk, creating the first sparks of friendship between the two shinobi and Daichi.

Knowing the snake man was soon going to find him, the real Daichi had been meditating in order to regain strength for another confortation since he and the clone arrived at the hospital and as the clone started to laugh at the joke of one of his guards, the real Daichi couldn't help but smile as he overheard the laughter, wishing he knew exactly what was going on in there however, the clone felt a strong bond with these shinobi and strong feeling for the village in which he now lays even though he had just begun to know them.

The shinobi in turn found Daichi to be rather likeable and did their best to form a friendship with him as well, having the feeling that it was an important friendship to forge. What they didn't know was that their friendship would be short but more important than they realized.

"Hmm, seems like my snakes are having a hard time finding Daichi, I need to strategies now and try to figure out what to do. I could summon those 2 here, and tear up this village to find him, but I don't feel like going into a war with Konoha. Also, I can't keep this up for long, I'm sure he has found some people to help him, for all I know, the Hokage may know about some of the things transpiring. It won't be long until they find out who Daichi and me are, then we are both screwed. Hmmm, what to do?" Yaichi thinks to himself. Then Yaichi makes a decision and decides to make all his snakes return to him.

Yaichi then goes into the village and goes up to 3 ninja standing behind a diner. "Hey may I ask you all something." Yaichi says to get there attention. The look at him, and then grunt. Yaichi made 3 small snakes come up behind them and use Snake Body Takeover to manipulate the 3 ninja. Yaichi then gives them order on what to do, then Yaichi goes back to his hotel to gather intel from the snakes as they move around with the ninja.


From his position, the real Daichi Uchiha felt a chill run down his spine, a feeling that dangerous is about to come his way, forcing him to stop meditating and search for the source from his spot. Although his angle and height was sufficient enough to see most things, Daichi had trouble locating the source of the feeling, unable to shake that things were about to heat up.

Meanwhile, the clone was still enjoying his time with the shinobi who were guarding him, blissfully unaware of the danger that was approaching. Although not a mind reader, the real Daichi knew his clone didn't get the same feeling he did and was thus aware the clone would be unprepared for the approaching danger.

Still searching, the real Daichi was forced to move from his position to search for this approaching danger, keeping to the shadows as not to be spotted though he prayed that his enemy was not a sensory type otherwise staying in the shadows would be a futile effort to stay concealed.

From his hotel, Yaichi sits and plans out things, "Hmm, lets see, I know how his face looks, I really don't feel like summoning those 2 here, just to find one person, then will cause too much destruction, and it would put our organization on the radar." Yaichi walks to his window to look outside. "Hmm, I could do something to alert the village, then they would go looking for people that aren't from this village first most likely." Yaichi then makes a shadow clone and the clone leaves the room.

From there on, he goes to random roof tops and places tags that make an explosion sound, but doesn't explode. Then the clone goes towards the Hokage's office, he places real paper bombs around the area. The clone writes on a piece of paper saying, "I will get revenge for what this village did to the Uchiha." Then at the bottom of the note, he puts the Uchiha clan symbol there to symbolize that an Uchiha wrote the note.

He attaches the note to a kunai and then gets to a position where the Hokage's window was. He then puts on a mask, and runs to the window and throws the Kunai in missing the Hokage, but the kunai goes through the window and stick to her desk.

As Yaichi was moving across roof tops and placing his explosive tags, Daichi spotted him and realized what he planned to do but there was no way for Daichi to get there in time to stop him before the explosives blew and not only would he get hurt in the blast, it would look like he was setting them which would mean trouble for him, especially when they find out that hes not in the hospital.

All that ran through his mind in a matter of moments however, he knew that the explosions would likely cause a fire and he could use the Fire Release: Reverse Dragon Fire Technique to get rid of the flames before they did any real damage however, he would be pressed for time as the village would be looking for the cause of it and would easily mistake him for creating it not to mention the speed of which flames travel makes stopping them hard.

Sighing, Daichi readied himself to run at a moment's notice when the explosives go off by doing some quick stretches then he looked around, trying to spot where Yaichi went off to while he had his eyes off him during his stretches.

The clone Yaichi then gets to a spot, and makes the fake explosive tag go off, then after a few minutes, ninja started to come out, then he sets off the real explosives that were near the Hokage's office. When that happened, he injured about 3 ninja, with all the commotion, Yaichi's clone was able to make an escape.

When the fake explosions went off, Daichi was stunned, he hadn't realized there was such a thing or that his opponent would use it, let alone set off real ones not long after. When Yaichi went to make his escape, Daichi spotted him and ran after him while doing his best not to be spotted. Meanwhile, Daichi's clone was sound asleep when he was awakened by a hissing sound. Two white snakes of Yaichi's had entered the room.

The guards were alarmed at the site of them and attempted to fight them off but they were no match for the snakes and were killed. Enraged by the intrusion of the snakes and that they murdered his new friends, the clone jumped out of bed and attacked with Taijutsu however. While this was going on, the Hokage Koume was organizing a search party for those responsible for the explosives and injuries of her shinobi.

Yaichi's clone notices that Daichi is following him, so he keeps running outside of the village, so it wouldn't be any other harm done to the village. While in the hospital, the 2 snakes get the upper hand of Daichi, one snake wraps around Daichi's leg tripping him, the the other snake wraps around him, to restrain him. Then then snake that tripped Daichi, goes to the front of him to swallow him.

The clone was growing irratated at his situation but he was not out of it yet. Relaxing his body, the snakes for a split second or two didn't have him tightly wrapped up and while that is not much time, it was all he needed to slip out and hit the snakes from behind. He attacked the snake that was going to swallow him first, sending it flying across the room with a flying kick and while the first was flying, he attacked the second one from above, breaking the boards under the snake's head and sending it falling to the floor below while Daichi saftely backflipped a few feet back.

While that was going on, the real Daichi was still following the clone of Yaichi however, he knew that it could be a trap but the risk was worth it if he could prevent anyone from getting hurt. As he was following the clone out of the village, he saw two snakes go into a dwelling and then quickly reappear, on their way to another house probably to look for him. Daichi frowned but there was no apparent danger to the citizens so he refocused on Yaichi's clone.

The Snake that was kicked across the room was then returned to where it came from, which was Yaichi's bedroom. Yaichi learns that Daichi is in the hospital, so he then gets ready to head there, but....... Yaichi's clone then cuts into an ally that lead into the hotel the real Yaichi was in. The passes by the window that the real Yaichi was, the clone then disappears. Yaichi is then instantly informed about what just transpired. Yaichi then jumps out his window onto Daichi with a kunai drawn.

As Yaichi was falling, Daichi heard the rush of wind and jumped to the side, out of arm's length and took out a few kunai of his own, ready to attack. Quickly tossing them into the air, Daichi used the release hand seal to make his clone disappear then caught his kunai in mid air as they fell, posing them ready to throw once again but saying nothing as he stared into the eyes of his enemy.

Yaichi crashes into the ground causing a small crater, "So, from what my snake told me you were in the hospital just a second ago, and now your here. So your either the clone or the real person, and I have a hunch that you are the real person." Yaichi says. Snakes then inch out of his sleeve ready to attack, "So, the offer is still open, you can join my group and avoid a battle that is really a disadvantage to you." Yaichi says as he snake then comes completely out of his sleeve and coils around him.

Smiling, Daichi said "Your snakes tried this same trick and it failed." Then he relaxed, feeling the tightness loosen and quickly ducked down before the snakes could retighten themselves, slipping out of the hold. As he was slipping out, he used his kunai to split the snakes in half. When he got out, Daichi retreated several feet, ready to dodge if the snakes came after him again.

"Hm, no I tried something different this time." Yaichi says. When he split the snakes in half, they reveal to have hidden in their mouth an explosive tag, Yaichi detonates the tags when Daichi splits the snakes apart. Since Daichi was so close, there was no way he could avoid the explosion, but at the same time, the explosive tags didn't directly face Daichi. The shockwave from the explosion would knock Daichi back a few feet, disorientate him, and most likely blow off some of his skin, but it wouldn't kill him.

Luck was on Daichi's side for once, the explosion's shockwave didn't hit him fast enough before he could escape from the snakes so when it finally hit him in his ready position to fight, he was simply blown back a few feet however, the shockwave was still severe and it caused second degree burns on Daichi as well as causing some of his unburned skin on his more fortunate parts of his body to start peeling off a bit though not to bleed.

The pain Daichi was feeling threatened to overwhelm him and it didn't help that he felt somewhat disoriented but neither was enough to prevent him from continuing fighting for his freedom however, the kunai he was wielding got blown out of his had and his bag of tools ripped off his waist, landing several feet behind Daichi though intact however, the kunai blown from his hand were too hot to use and it is safe to say his tools in the bag may be unsafe to use as well.

Unfortunately, his opponent showed no sign of injuries or growing tired which perplexed Daichi however, he knew no one was invincible and kept a positive attitude. Smiling even though it hurts, Daichi said "I will not give up so you if that is your best, you will never get me alive."

"Well, that's what you say, but can you really beat me?" Yaichi says as he then uses Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands, sending cobra's ready to bite with there venom.

For all his talk, this was the first real battle that Daichi has ever been in and he knew not what to do and was frozen in place with fear. By all means, he should have lost at that moment but fate intervened and suddenly, he could read the movements of the snake, allowing him to jump out of the way without fear of being hit but it was not just that he knew how to dodge, he had also suddenly managed to learn enough about how the technique worked to predict even without his new ability when the possible threat of the technique were to rise again to the surprise of Daichi.

The Uchiha also knew that in order to learn the technique, he had to have a contract with the snakes of Ryūchi Cave, not that he knew how to get there or knows anyone who could direct him. Daichi smiled to himself in spite of that but not in simple pleasure, he smiled in relief as the feeling of being able to defend himself once again washed over him though he knew not how he could have learned what he learned, he was simply happy to know what he has learned.

Yaichi then looks at Daichi and says, "Well, well, it seems like something gave you a little spark." Yaichi says as his legs come together and he then slides towards Dichi at a very fast speed.

Although Yaichi's speed was great, Daichi easily saw it coming almost immediately and dodged with ease but as he dodged, a glimse of the Uchiha's eyes could be caught and those who were able to see it noticed two pronges on the right and left side of his puil. When Daichi landed a thought popped into his mind and he asked Yaichi "What happened to your earlier ease at hitting me? Nothing has changed yet, you seem much slower and less able to do your surprise attacks like before." he said with genuine curiousity.

"Well, well, seems like you got your Sharingan." Yaichi says "Well, there now, I guess I will have a hard time getting you." Yaichi says as his legs reform, then he makes a clone, though unknown to Daichi, that it was a trap. Then clone then runs towards Daichi with a Kunai.

The Uchiha's smile widens as he moved out of the clone's way and grabbed a plank that was barley hanging onto a nearby fence and held it like a battering ram however, as he charged forward at the clone, Daichi let go and watched as it flew forward at the clone with great speed thanks to the strength he had built up living on the island.

The clone is hit, and then all the snakes in it come out at Daichi. Yaichi then summons a snake the size of him. The snake being a sage used Sage Art: Scale Covering and slithered towards Daichi, Yaichi then spits up another one of himself and he says, "Lets see if you can deal with 2 of me and 1 Sage Snake." Yaichi says as him and his clone run towards Daichi.

A Desperate Battle

Since the snakes that were unleashed from the clone were the closest thing, Daichi ran forward and kicked with a flying kick, sending them flying back into the enemies behind them and while that happened, Daichi did a back flip to his former position and closed his eyes then took a deep breath in and released it a second later.

Daichi did this to keep himself calm as he knew that if he started to panic, that it would be over for him. Within a tenth of a second after he released his breath, Daichi's eyes flung open, ready to anticipate his enemy and counter.

The snakes disperse and go back to their dimension, which left Yaichi, his clone, and the snake summon. The snake summon attacks first, slithering on the ground with tremendous speed, moving side to side looking to coil around Daichi. Then Yaichi's clone throws 2 smoke bombs at the ground near Daichi, and 2 above at the wall behind Daichi. Then the real Yaichi throws 2 kunai that had a paper bomb wraped in explosive tags at the handle part and attached to a wire at the wall behind Daichi.

Daichi had to use his diciplined mind from his days on the island to prevent himself from looking only one direction when everything started to happen. Because of this, he was able to keep tabs on everyone at once with his peripheral view. Right before the smokescreen went up, Daichi was able to caught a glimse of the slithering snake using a technique thanks to his Sharingan however, the smoke appeared too fast for him to get the base information on it, all he knew it had something to do with scales.

When the smokescreen went up, Daichi had a hard time seeing anything however, he found to his amazement he was able to view the chakra of the clones, Yaichi and the snake. This allowed him to keep an eye on the snake's movement and evade it while keeping tabs on the clones and the real Yaichi. As Yaichi was getting ready to throw the kunai with the paper bombs, Daichi saw his movements and while he couldn't see exactly what he was doing, he had gussed what it could be, dodged to the right when the kunai were thrown.

Since Snakes are able to detect body heat, the summoned snake slithers to where Daichi was, again attempting to coil around him. The clone Yaichi then grabs a kunai attached to a wire from his pouch and throws it at Daichi attempting to catch him by letting his kunai wrap around him. Then the real Yaichi make a hand sign to do a jutsu.

Before the snake could even get to him, the Uchiha moved again. Realizing the snake could sense heat, Daichi focused on remembering his surrounding and rubbed some of his heat off on things around him in order to confuse the snake and as he was doing that, Yaichi had thrown and missed by a foot by sheer luck alone.

As Daichi kept moving, he was about to get out of range of the kunai thrown by the clone though only because of his plan to confuse the snake. In fact, Daichi had focused on distracting the snake slithering near him and forgot about the others but because the clones were also snakes, it helped confuse and distract them as well.

But when the kunai went by him, Daichi did remember the clones as well as the original and stopped focusing on anything in particular, letting his peripheral view caught a glimse of all his enemies. This allowed him to see the hand seal the real Yaichi was doing. 

The clone and snake get distracted by the body heat to the right, and they moving further away from Daichi. But the smoke starts to clear but he couldn't see what Daichi was doing, but, the Kunai he threw earlier at the wall with the wire starts to move as if someone was passing by it. Good thing for Yaichi, the kunai attached to the wire were wrapped in explosive tags, so Yaichi explodes them, whoever was there would get hit. Yaichi's clone and snake were moving away from the kunai while Daichi was moving closer to the Kunai, so the blast would most likely hit Daichi.

When the string moved, Daichi was able to process the movement faster than normal Humans could. This allowed him to quickly move away to the left and advoid getting hit by the explosion. While the snakes were distracted, Daichi searched for his stuff and tested to see if they were safe. Luckily, they had cooled off enough for use so he grabbed the kunai that was blasted out of his hand and reattached the bag to his hip, checking to make sure everything was alright. His weapons seemed to have not been damaged at all though it felt slightly warn.

As he dug around, he found his food pills only a little melted. This delighted him as Daichi was nearly out of chakra and he could feel it contuelessly draining him though he didn't know why or how to stop it as he didn't know about the sharingan. As he pulled the food pills out, he thought about what Yaichi said about the Sharingan but he didn't know what Yaichi was talking about though he thought it may explain his strange new powers and the constant drain on him.

Shrugging that off for the moment, Daichi plopped one into his mout and chewed while placing the rest where he could easily access them. By the time he had closed the bag, the food pill was already in his stomach being digested, boosting his chakra levels and enabling him to fight longer. Feeling good, Daichi turned to the real Yaichi and smiled. Then he used the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, directing it the real Yaichi and followed up with Wind Release Stream. Knowing the likelyhood that the snakes would sense the heat, he got out of their field of vision and waited.

The smoke completely disappeared at the wake of the fireball being shot at Yaichi, the Snake and clone could now see. The real Yaichi uses Water Release: Water Formation Pillar dousing the fire ball; the rest of the water goes towards Daichi, though it wouldn't cause any damage to him. Yaichi's clone uses Hiding in Mist Technique after the water formation pillar douses the flames. Now, the battle field was covered in the mist of Yaichi's chakra.

Although the water did douse the fireball, the fireball was enhanced by the wind so it was able to cancel out the pillar as well, preventing Yaichi from using it further. A minute or so before the mist came up, Daichi was thinking about how annoying the constant drain of chakra was on him and how badly he desired for it to stop. Without Daichi realizing it, it the Sharingan turned off, returning Daichi's eyes to normal.

The sudden ceasing of chakra being drained from him was rather surprising but he realized that he was able to control this at will, all he had to do with figure out how. He spent the rest of his time before the mist came up figuring out how to turn the Sharingan on and off, learning that it requires a certain will to turn it on and a simply desire to turn it off for it to deactivate. When the mist came up, Daichi had the Sharingand deactivated but he quickly realized he couldn't see the chakra of his enemies anymore and quickly connected that to the constant drain of his chakra he had felt earlier.

Sensing that he needed his newfound powers at this moment, he reactivated the Sharingan and kept his eyes peeled for his enemy, ready to react the second his enemy appeared again.

The Clone Yaichi then comes up on the side of Daichi to punch him, the clone could see where Daichi was because the hiding in mist technique cooled the body heat on the things Daichi rubbed it on. The real Yaichi then uses a snake that came out of his sleeve to guide him to Daichi. The summoned snake slithers behind the commotion between Daichi and the Clone Yaichi to coil Daichi up.

Becase the mist was created from the chakra of Yaichi, Daichi wasn't able to detect the clone before it could get close however, his peripheral view, enhanced by the Sharingan was able to detect the movement of the clone when it got within a foot and a half away. As it was coming in for the punch, Daichi turned and grabbed it, then moved to face the direction he had previously with the clone restrained in front of him. Because Daichi touched the clone, his body heat signature was rubbed off on the clone, making it rather easy for the snakes of Yaichi to think the clone was Daichi.

As Yaichi and his snake tried to creep up on him, Daichi did everything he could to cover the clone in his body heat then created a few clones with the shadow clone technique. The Uchiha released the snake clone then Daichi and his clones all scattered, waiting for his enemy's next move.

The summoned snake and Yaichi's clone then back up to the real Yaichi, the summoned snakes summoning time expired, and the Snake Clone Yaichi stays back where the real Yaichi is. The real Yaichi then weaves the snake hand sign and uses Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave, the wave of water moves towards where Daichi was last, absorbing the mist into the wave of water. The wave of water reached well over 15 foot high and was heading towards Daichi with Yaichi riding on top of it.

The Clone Yaichi then charges up its chakra to get ready to do an attack.

Unfortunately for Yaichi, Daichi had already moved out of the wave's range and as he watched the mist disappear from his hiding spot, he realized that not only would he be able to see his enemy now, but he could be seen by anyone. Although he didn't know exactly what his new powers were, that is to say he didn't know what the Sharingan was, The Uchiha knew from Yaichi's reaction that it must be a kekkei genkai he had heard about from his parents. This confused Daichi though, his parents never said anything about their clan having such a thing.

He wonders what else they may have not told him about but putting that aside for the moment, he deactivated the Sharingan as he knew it would probably give him away as a Uchiha and waited to make his move. Unknown to him, his clones were having the same thoughts at the same time, deactivating their Sharingans too at practically the same time as him.

Leaf shinobi had already started to gather around the area when the mist first was created however, the mist covered such a large area and because it was made of chakra, they didn't wish to get caught up and killed in whatever situation was accrueing within the mist so they had bided their time. When Yaichi's wave started to kill the mist, they were able to see clearly again, noticing the wave do serious damage to the area though no one was harmed as the civilians had evacuated as soon as they heard the first sounds of combat.

None of the leaf shinobi trusted Yaichi and felt the need to bring him down. Besides their personal feelings, they were also under orders to bring in him and Daichi though not by name as only Yaichi knew his name. Since they only saw Yaichi, they attacked with a barrage of shuriken, kunai, paper bombs and jutsu of variating types.

Nearby, Daichi watched with interest as his enemy was being weakened by the very people he had tried to decieve but worried about being found if he stayed where he was any longer, Daichi ended the clone technique and quietly slipped away while the attention was not on him, moving towards a broken part of the village's gate he had accidentally discovered soon after he arrived. The broken part of the gate was well enough away from the front gate so they guards there wouldn't notice and realitively close to the trees so he can't be spotted well from above.

Yaichi looks at the barrage of shuriken, kunai, paper bombs, and jutsu flying at him, plus multiple shinobi surrounding him waiting. He then says to himself while closing his eyes and raising his hands to his mouth, "Didn't thing I would have to summon one of them here just for one person, oh well, the situation calls for it." Yaichi says as he bits his thumbs and says, "summoning jutsu!!!" Then a very large cobra the size of a tailed beast appears from the smoke with Yaichi standing on him, the size of him canceled the wave of water.

"Hmmm, Yaichi, why did you summon me." King Cobra says as the attacks hit his stomach as he is un-phased by attacks. "Yeah, I couldn't possibly get through all those shinobi and there attacks, they would of killed me dear old friend." Yaichi responds. "Shut up!!! I was eating a good meal before you summoned me, what do you need me to do so I can get back." King Cobra says. "I need you to get me out of this village, you can tear it up if you want as we escape." Yaichi says as he infuses his feet with chakra to hold on. "(sigh) Hold on." King Cobra says as his hood opens, and at the edges were spikes, and down his spine were spikes.

King Cobra then slithers through the village tearing everything in its way, using is speed to go through buildings and his spikes to rip them down easily and kill leaf shinobi. He does this for 3 minutes then heads the wall of the leaf where he then uses his speed, tough skin, and spikes on his hood and back to rip through the wall of the leaf. Yaichi had to jump then land back on him and they slither away to the forest at high speeds.

"Well, is that it Yaichi?" King Cobra asks. "Umm, yeah, as a matter of fact, take me back to the Ryūchi Cave, I want to train some more with you all." Yaichi says as he looks back and sees no one following them. Yaichi then says to himself, "Daichi Uchiha, more elusive than I thought, didn't think you would awaken your sharingan in our little fight either, just you wait, I will find you and capture you." Yaichi says as they are reversed summoned into Ryūchi Cave.

Having gotten a few miles away, Daichi was resting against a tree tired as can be as the food pill he had taken was wearing off. Almost unable to move, his peripheral view caught a glimse of the village's ANBU blackops closing headed his way but he made no effort to get away. There was no need after all, he didn't look like an Uchiha and his Sharingan was not active either and he had lost his Uchiha clothing in the explosion during the fight so there was nothing to give him away as an Uchiha.

When the Anbu got close, he had already passed out from exhaughtion and they carried him back to the village where he was admitted to the hospital for recovery. The village planned to interregate him afterwards though how that would go is anyone's guess.

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