"Not even fate knows their future.."

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Kengo had traveled away from the vilage, Konohagakure, trying to just get some alone time to himself. "Maybe I should train some." he thought but ultimately decided not to. Letting out a sigh, he realized that the sun had started to go down and needed to set up a quick camp.

"No, please....please... no!!!!!!! (Grunt)............. (thump)." A man's plead before his head was chopped off. The man responsible for cutting his head off places it in a bag and carries it along, leaving the man's body in the forest for the animals. He then gets to this building where a person who was sitting in a chair said, "Well, that was quick, do you have his head?" Next thing you know, the bag flew across the room and landed on the table, the man's head rolled out in front of the man sitting in the chair. "I want my money now, all 500k ryo." The killer said. "I didn't expect you to get him that easily and quickly, as a crime organization, I have to stay low from the 5 great nations, so therefor I can't pay your..............."

Silence........ the man was cut short when a blood thirsty, money hungry Aoi Uchiha threw kunai straight through the man's forehead. "That was the excuse you had last time, but luckily for me, your head was a mission for Kirigakure. Aoi proceeds to cut the mans head of, and head out of the building with the man's head, and a bag full of money.

Kengo had made a small camp fire and a decent looking tent. "Well I guess the Academy did teach me something." He commented on. Out from the corner of his eye he had saw a small rabbit. Without hesitation he created a crystal spike from underneath it, piercing its weak and now limp body. He now had a small snake to eat.

Cooking it for a while bit and skinning it, he took a big bite out of it. "Love the taste of rabbit." he mumbled to himself. After finish eating the rabbit he sat at the campfire he just looked into it, thinking to himself.

Aoi who was walking along notices something, so he walks into a opening in the forest where he was confronted. "Hey you, hey, your the one who murdered our boss and took the money, give it back or we will kill you." a mercenary says with over 20 ninja with him. Unknown to the mercenaries, Aoi activated his Sharingan, and looked around, "1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 28. 28 ninja, all for one person, hm, childs' play." Aoi says to himself as he drops everything. As soon as he did that the mercenaries came rushing at him, with swords and kunai drawn. All you could here was 2 minutes of screaming, metal clanging from kunai's and shuriken hitting each other, and water.

In the field lied 28 ninja, all dead, it was a bloody mess. Their bodies were piled on top of each other and on the top was Aoi, it was the middle of the night, all you could see was his eyes, glowing in the dark. Next thing you know, a fire with a retched smell of burning flesh and other things, Aoi just continues on towards his village, with a head in a bag, and a bag full of money.

Kengo had heard people scream, and from reaction he had created a fort from his crystal. "There must be trouble." Kengo quietly said. Just in case he had created two clones inside the small fort. Once finishing his rabbit he walked to his small tent and laid underneath it, but still on guard from the screams.

"I haven't had a real interesting fight ever since that time in the leaf, I need someone to give me a challenge." Aoi says to himself. He then gets to this small hotel where he picked to stay the night. Upon walking in, he sees that there was also a diner there, he first buys a room, places his bags there and goes to eat. When he was eating, a woman takes a little liking in him, but Aoi knew she was a prostitute. When she came over there, she asked if Aoi would like a good time, and he refused her. Then she said something out of line, but at the moment, Aoi didn't mind it. After eating, he goes back to his room and looks out the window and notices a pink structure in the distance, but it was late, and he was tired, so he went to sleep and decided to check it out in the morning.

The sun had seeped through the fort into Kengo's eyes. He woke up and found his two clones to be sleeping as well, "Can't blame them." he says as the two clones are destroyed into specs of Crystal from Kengo's command. He stretches and lets out a big yawn. He then wakes himself up fully as he puts the Crystals back into the ground but stays at the campsite for a little while longer.

Aoi woke up a little before the sun came out, he took a shower and got dressed. He went back down to the diner to grab a quick bite and then ran off towards the pink he saw earlier. He took his head and bag of money with him just in case, as he got closer to the pink structure and noticed it went away, so then he stayed vigilant. When got the the area he noticed a kid, at least 13 so he drops his stuff by a tree and proceeds to walk towards the kid.

Kengo heard leaves being walked on top of so he decided to spin around with a Kunai in his hand. He saw a man that was slightly taller than him with long black hair. "What do you want?" Kengo asked the strange man.

"A fight, I am itching to fight a strong person, you look strong kid." Aoi says pulling out a sword, "Now how about you show me that pink stuff you just had.

As Aoi was talking Kengo had created a crystal spear that was already at the back of Aoi's neck. "Its Crystal." Kengo commented. "This feeling again! No not now!" Kengo thought as his bloodlust had returned to him.

"Hm, seems like your kind of smart too, but this won't be enough." Aoi says as he dashes off, too fast for the crystal to even stab him, he runs towards throwing Kunai attached to paper bombs. He throws the at a high velocity while at the same time moving side to side in an unpredictable fashion to get to Kengo.

Kengo grins as a pillar come from underneath him, propelling him into the air. Another Pillar came up to catch Kengo but as it did Kengo summoned multiple Spears that were all separating from each other. One spears goes for Aoi from top as the others cover the rest of him. As all that was happening, Kengo turned his skin pink then thickened it to an Armour looking shape. He then dense it up while making it like as a feather. He then formed slim one inch wide wings that came out of his shoulder blade, giving him extra speed from the air velocity.

"You think something this simple can stop me." Aoi does a sudden stop, and the spears came inches away from hitting him, then he leaped towards the one spear at the top, since it was coming down in a linear fashion, Aoi maneuvers his body through the spears. At the same time making a Clone of himself, then while in mid air, Aoi does a flip and kicks the clone in the air towards Kengo. At that time, the clone weaves hand signs too fast for the naked eye could see and uses Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique towards Kengo. Aoi lands on the ground safely smiling.

Kengo had sprouted multiple crystal spears from the pillar he was standing on and all aimed it at the Fire ball. He also changed the molecular structure of the spears to specifically splice the fireball. The spears had been destroyed but so had the fireball as well. "If that won't work, then try this!" Kengo had yelled to Aoi. Hundreds of pillars came out of the ground from all directions, devastating the wildlife around the area. "This is my battlefield now!" he screamed into the air at Aoi. He then sprouted hundreds of spears from the already existing pillars from all directions filling the sky. All the crystals came down one by one but this time were curving in multiple directions to end up at Aoi's location and follow him.

The clone which was still in the air fell back down to the ground and met up with Aoi, Aoi then makes 2 other clones. They stop in one spot with all the spears coming in from above, Aoi and his clone use Fire Release: Fire Dragon Roar. The flames from both Aoi's cover a massive area illumination the air in fire even reaching Kengo, the spears are burned from the intensity of the flames and even some of the pillars are burned away. The 2 other clones then start to weave one handed hand seals to prepare for an attack from the side if one came.

Kengo had created multiple spears around Aoi and the clones, they killed the clones and where heading for Aoi from all directions from the bottom and top. Kengo had also used his increased speed to get out of the way of the jutsu but had also created multiple spears under Aoi as the other spears were surrounding him and going straight for him in a weird pattern. Kengo had also reinforced them with Crystal Regeneration Technique to recreate themselves nearly instantly. Kengo had also fused into the crystals that had controlled the battlefield. From there Kengo had created gigantic pillars that had went up into the sky and are now falling at an extreme speed right for Aoi.

As soon as the spears were created, Aoi uses Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave creating a huge pond of water, raising Aoi up. The water consumes the spears and stops them. Now Aoi had to worry about the spears and pillars above, Aoi then uses Water Release: Water Vine Technique and uses it like a rope, he makes it circle around one of the pillars then he swings off the wave of water. He then lands on a tree waiting on Kengo to make his next move.

As Aoi was circling one of the pillars, the pillar sprouted new spears in every direction, cutting the vine rope, and followed Aoi as the other pillar followed him as well. As the area where Aoi was going to fall Kengo had made spears come up from that way as well, trapping Aoi as new red crystals came from the opining spots. Kengo had lost so much chakra that Kurama's filled him and his bloodlust up to the initial form.

Aoi created a clone and had it throw him faster towards the spears on that area he was going to land at, Aoi uses Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique to blow the spears away. He lands in the area where he then activates his Sharingan, he looks at the area and notices that the area was filled with Kengo's chakra and another chakra, and Aoi felt that chakra before and knew exactly what it was. He deactivates his sharingan unknown to Kengo and runs back into the area where Kengo's chakra was.

Kengo had popped his head out slightly to see that Aoi was an Uchiha. Kengo had then made five Crystal Dragons that was circling Aoi in the sky. Then hundreds of theses thick dragons surrounded the entire battlefield to make a dome shape and hundreds of them kept piling on. The dragons had made about 80 layers of their bodies, blocking any and all light from entering.

"Hmm, I know who you are now, your the Nine Tails' Jinchuriki, the beast inside of you is responsible for killing my friends and family members." While saying that, Aoi weaves 4 hand signs too fast for the naked eye could see. Then, in the darkness, Sharingans started to pop up everywhere. Not only that, Aoi used Yin Release chakra to make the genjutsu even more harder to break out of. There was no way Kengo couldn't see any of the sharingans, then they start to spin, and Aoi appeared in front of the cage where the nine tails was sealed.

Kurama saw Aoi in front of him, laughing with a demonic sound. "You made him mad." Kurama said in a low, smooth, voice. In the real world, the crystals had shattered completely, all the pieces going upwards and outwards. And since Aoi was doing the Genjutsu, thousands of sharp needle like crystals had stabbed Aoi, disrupting the Genjutsu. Kengo had also shown his body, with three tails and a bubbly kind of chakra on him.

Since Kurama had to send a surge of chakra to make the crystals explode, it alerted Aoi, not only that but the genjutsu that Aoi cast was in a concealed area from the layers of crystals, so as soon as the first bit light came in. The chakra surge and light disrupted the genjutsu, with his sharingan activated, he could see all the spikes moving in all different directions. Aoi ducks and dodges a few of the spikes while at the same time Uchiha Flame Battle Encampment, he slams his hand on the ground erecting the barrier around him to block the remaining spikes. He had a few inside of him, though not to serious, he bandages himself up and takes of his shirt because it was ripped and torn from avoiding and getting stabbed by the spike. "This kid is stronger than I thought, time for me to use that technique." Then a black figure that looked like Aoi came out of the ground in front of the Barrier looking straight at Kengo with the Sharingan.

Kengo had gotten up but he didn't see the black figure for long. He found himself in front of multiple, red pillars. "Crystal?" Kengo thought from the shine that they were admitting. He looks around and confused by the red, dark red like blood, wall around him. Under, above, everywhere he looked there was Red Crystal. From the feeling that they gave Kengo, power, bloodlust, superiority, he felt conferrable with the blood stained walls. But he noticed his reflection in the wall and saw that his eyes were red, pupils where slits, nails extended, but he felt like this was his real form. He thought that this is a way that he would be able to see the day of light again, that he would survive everything he could. "That's right." Kengo heard in a very deep toned voice. He slowly turned around and say a gigantic red fox with nine tails flailing behind the crystal pillars. "Who....... who are you?" Kengo asked in a weakened, scared tone.

"I am what you know me by as the Nine-Tails." the fox, Kurama, answered. Kengo was shocked by this answer but at the same time made so much sense from it. This must of been why everyone looked down on him, but he didn't blame the Nine-Tails, "I need your help!" Kengo looked up, yelling at Kurama. Kurama had a long pause but finally said, "Naruto did tell me to look at for my Jinchuriki's. The only big thing he asked me." as memories of Naruto come to his mind. "So well." Kurama said.

Kengo had came back to the normal world as though not even a second past but, he felt a power that was new to Kengo. He grew another tail and a shock wave of Kurama's chakra came from Kengo, destroying the clone. Kengo was now on all four, his skin had started to peal off into a black like substance but it was only parts of his body. He than rushed towards Aoi with incredible speed, going in a zigzag pattern, making it even difficult of the sharingan to follow his movement. He then cocked his hand backwards, releasing it to show that his fist had grew in size and now was a blood red color, the black substance covering some of the fist itself. Kengo then created thousands of spikes from the fist to add more of a killing power and let it out on Aoi.

The clone had its sharingan already activated, and when the shockwave came, the clone phased back into the ground and popped back up, when Kengo rushed, Aoi's Phantom Clone could still track Kengo. The Phantom clone does a front flip over Kengo while at the same time grabbing Kengo's head swinging him up in the air with the flip, when he completed the front flip, the momentum of the flip would smash Kengo straight into the ground.

When the clone had came, Kengo made a spear from the ground that had destroyed the clone. Kengo then went with his original idea but also created a Crystal Release Shadow Clone behind Aoi with the same intent to punch Aoi with the spiked fist. Kengo had then increased his speed even more with the slim wings that he had from earlier.

The phantom clone was still alive, seemingly enough, the clone rebuilds its self in the area in which it was stabbed, as Kengo went towards the Barrier which the real Aoi was still in, the clone uses Fire Release: Tri Beam Cannon shooting 3 beams at Kengo from behind, and relatively close range.

Kengo had saw the fire in the corner of his eye and tried to dodged it. His arm did get hit but only the Armour to destroyed. It quickly regenerated and Kengo made a huge pillar that came crashing down on the clone, destroying its entire body. The crystal clone had crated hundreds of slim spears inside the barrier as it doesn't cover the bottom but also doesn't touch the sides. The clone also made plenty of spears that went through the top way as well, as he also surrounded the barrier with spears, not allowing Aoi to escape.

When the Tri Beam Cannon hits Kengo, Aoi's Phantom clone makes it explode in a fiery ball of fire and also the other 2 that followed. As the pillar came down, the Phantom clone does the same thing and goes back into the ground, but doesn't come back up.

Due to the blast, Kengo was blown back but got back up and dodged the two tribeams. But since the original Aoi wasn't doing anything, the Spears had pierced him from the bottom and the top ones were already right above his head, another second the spears would be through Aoi's brain.

As Kengo was blown back, Aoi's phantom clone could see him through the ground, it travels to the direction in which Kengo was coming. It then comes up behind him with a charged kick directly to the back of the head. Kengo wouldn't know the Phantom clone came up because it made no sound when it came out of the ground.

Kengo's head was tilted backwards when he was blown back. So he saw the kick coming and gabbed it, pushing himself onto his feet. But as the clone was attacking the real Aoi, the spears that where up ahead had pierced through his head and the bottom side of his body as well. The spears had crushed his body and ripped it to shreds.

Instead of the Real Aoi getting ripped into shreds, all you could here from inside the barrier was sounds of crystals hitting each other. The barrier went down, and the first thing you could see was a hole that came from under the barrier and out on the other side a few feet away. Aoi made the whole from the time when he made his Phantom Clone and dug himself out and into the forest behind, while Kengo was preoccupied, Aoi escaped way before Kengo made the spikes under the barrier. The barrier finally went down, and behind it was a 3 clones of. One of them with a sword out, and the other 2 standing beside the clone. The clones all had their sharingan activated and said, "Come at us, little beast."

Kengo had found himself in the same blood colored crystal. He see's Kurama again and asks, "Why does it seem I can't control myself and yet, I want to do all this." he asked in a quite, sadden voice.
"That is a story for another time." Kurama responds.
The clone had rushed the clones, as the real Kengo created multiple sharp shears from behind then, about an inch away, destroying them. Then clone went in front of the black figure and created tens of crystal pillars, including below, crushing the clone.

The real one had ran towards Aoi, being able to sense Aoi with Kurama's Negative Emotion Sensing ability. Kengo was moving at an incredible speed as his skin was burring and pealing off along the way, showing that black substance once again. Kengo had wanted Aoi's blood.

The Phantom clone sinks into the ground and doesn't come back up again. The clones were destroyed even though they could of dodged Kengo's attack easily, but it was part of Aoi's plan, as soon as the clones were destroyed, Aoi saw what they saw and created 5 clones and scattered them all around the area. All of them had their sharingans activated, and had a sword, but one of them stayed in the same spot and waited on Kengo. Meanwhile......

"Umm, excuse me, I just came from a hotel, and I saw 2 people fighting, and one of them looked like they had the nine tails cloak. I used to be part of the village, but after Naruto went wild with the Nine Tails when Pain was here, so I left." An old man says in a frantic, "What???" A leaf shinobi says that was sitting at the front gate. "Hey, hey Raiko, Waku, I know you 2 just got back from a mission, But this old man came running to the gate and said that the Nine tails was on a rampage." The guard at the gate says. "Kengo...... hold on." Raiko says to himself. "Come on Waku, if he has 4 tails, we have a big problem." Raiko says as he takes off. "Ehh, aww, we just got back." Waku says as he takes off after him.

Kengo had been chasing Aoi with Kurama's negative sensing emotion technique. He was gaining ground on him and started to create a platform that allowed him to travel at a faster pace.

The clone that stood in the same place could see Kengo approaching, the clone then uses the release had sign and a weird looking sword comes out of the smoke. As Kengo gets closer, the Clone starts to spin the sword on his finger while funneling chakra into it. Meanwhile.......

"I just set up the Mole Barrier, and I found Kengo and another chakra." Raiko says to Waku as they move along. "How far are they?" Waku asks, "About 5 to 10 minutes away, depending on how fast they are moving." Raiko says as they keep on moving.

Kurama had made Kengo's eyes look a little bit down from the sword. As Kengo did so, the clone from before had caught up and came from behind of Aoi, he had his had cocked backwards with his fist turned into a long blade. And since Aoi wasn't aware of the clone and was focusing on putting the real one in a Genjutsu, the clone had the advantage.

The clone is destroyed. "Hm, fell right into my trap." Aoi says to himself as he could see what just happened to his clone. Next thing you know, the from 40 feet all around exploded as soon as the clone was destroyed. The explosion could be heard from where Aoi was, and much further, you could see the explosion if you were at least 500 meters away. What Aoi did was set up invisible wires, that ran through the ground which was guided by his Phantom Clone. Not only that, the wires had at least 50 explosive tags on each line which camouflaged to look like grass of leafs. To do this, the clones that he made earlier when he was running that scattered, put theses triggers all around to make the tags detonate. That one clone standing in one spot was the main trigger, upon destruction, a trigger would go off, which would then set off another and so on.

Kengo had quickly surrounded himself with Crystals but couldn't cover all of him quick enough. From the explosion some of Kengo's skin had ripped off to show even more of the black like chakra. Kengo had now fully entered the Stage Two, Four Tailed Cloak. He then jumped back a great distance to create multiple chakra orbs into the air, both blue and a redish black. The orbs had than collected into his mouth at an amazing speed. Once they all got in, Kengo had turned into a more fat chibi version of his cloak. He then opened his mouth and shout out a giant ball of the redish back orbs. Once the ball came out, Kengo had returned to his 'normal' form. When the ball had touched the ground it completely devastated the battlegrounds and would of completely destroyed the clones with no time to react do to the speed of the Tailed Beast ball.

The tailed beast ball did destroy Aoi's clones, but the real Aoi was far away from the battlefield. "extend" Waku says as his Expanding Staff extends to hit Kengo from the side, the force of the staff would push Kengo back until Waku made it stop.

Kengo had caught the staff and slid a little against the rugged ground. He was able to stop the sliding after a second or two. He then swung his other hand with great speed and force, enough to shatter the staff where his fist hit it.

"Thicken." Waku says as the Staff thickens to be as large as thick as a Tailed Beast's arm, when Kengo hits the staff it doesn't shatter it, it just hits it most likely hurting himself.

Due to Kengo being in his Level Two form, the staff hadn't completely shattered but did break a good distance into it. Kengo than backed up from the staff and created a chakra arm from one of his tails that grabbed the staff, restricting it from moving. He then made two of his tails go towards Waku.

Waku then makes his staff shrink and then Waku says, "Now!!!" Raiko who was just a few feet to the side uses Four Ton Barrier: Stage 1 and cuts off Kengo from getting to Waku, the Barrier is then set up all around the battlefield encasing anything in it.

Kengo had then grew in size once again. Once he open his mouth three Tailed Beast Ball's came out one at a time. When the third hit, the barrier busted open, creating smoke everywhere. When the smoke risen, Kengo was no longer to be found.

Raiko lets his barrier down and then regroups with Waku and says, "He won't pop up without me knowing." Raiko then places his hand on Waku's shoulder and says, stay kind of close. "Kengo, if you in there, we are just trying to stop you and bring you back to the leaf, don't let Kurama influence you." Raiko says looking around.

Kengo had been able to speak through his body that was now controlled by Kurama. "NO! He isn't influencing me! I wanted his help, I needed him!" he cry's out in a demonic voice but also a sad tone came out as well. "I wouldn't harm the village." Kengo said right before his body returned to his normal state.

Hiroto then told the two ninja, "I'm sorry I couldn't get here earlier, I had important business." he said in a smooth tone of voice. He then walks to the ninja and hands them Kengo. "Please, take him to the medical ward. I must finish my current mission." Hiroto asked as he left the scene.

"Yeah no, Problem, I have to say, I don't know if me and Waku would of been able to stop his rampage without hurting him." Raiko says as Waku's monkey comes and grabs Kengo to carry him back to the village.

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